Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Last Sunday we were invited to our friends' place for their annual Pisces Lunch. Ruth and Bill C. enjoy making a birthday lunch for their friends but in February they have 3 friends with birthdays. So instead of having 3 different lunches they do one and call it their Pisces Lunch. The three birthdays were my Bill (BB), Maureen and Franco. Poor Franco was badly burnt recently when his car burst into flames and he and his wife were unable to come this year. Bill C and Ruth live in a lovely unit overlooking the Brisbane River at Indooroopilli, a suburb of Brisbane. The river is still brown from the silt washed down during the storms in January.
We were watching the river fun from the balcony.....

...where Bill C. has made a nice little garden

It was a very hot day so we ate inside in the aircon. Ruth is pouring the Pisces a drink while.......

...Bill C. cooks in the kitchen.

He made us melon,figs and bruschetta for entree and...

Lemon Thai Chicken for mains. As usual, Ruth made BB his favourite dessert...
Tirami-su and silly me forgot to take a photo.

Another fabulous Pisces Lunch. Thank you Ruth and Bill.


  1. Now I'm hungry...and wishing it were planting time! I can never get enough pictures of your wildlife and plant Anything new in your garden? How about a garden tour?

  2. Looks delicious and I love their view.

    Oh and I love your new look too, it's so you.

  3. Nice view from the balcony, and the food look yummy. Glad you had such a nice lunch with your friends. :)

  4. All those lovely dishes, absolutely scrumptious. What a great idea to have a Pisces Lunch. You all looked like you were having a great time and this is a wonderful series of photos. I felt like I was there with you.

  5. Well, you and your friends sure know how to make the most of birthdays, such positive fun times in association with life's milestones is just what I appreciate in people, it means they are enjoying life... a good sign that they are grateful and aware of all they have.
    Happy birthday to Bill for me,

  6. Love your new page Diane....
    What a gorgeous view to look at everyday.....
    Hope your friend that got burnt is alright....
    All these men that can cook where on earth did you find them.....

  7. Looks like a lovely spot for a delicious lunch. Hope your poor friend is recovering from his burns, what a terrible thing to happen. How did his car burst into flames?

  8. Diane, and your circle of friends are true gourmets - you all need to club together and produce a cooking/eating show!

  9. Hmmmm..the food and friendship both look delicious - I'm sorry about your friend - hopefully he will be able to enjoy next year's celebration! It's so odd to hear about your hot weather and we're in 4 inches of snow this morning! I know about the whole hemisphere thingy - but never had a friend that lives in the Southern one :-)

  10. Diane - You and BB just have too much fun with your friends. I'm coming over there when I retire so I can have fun too!

    I love your new layout also. Just don't mess with my picture at the top! Cannot change that one.