Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sydney to Brisbane PART FOUR ("Home and Away" set)

Monday 23 March.

Today we leave Sydney, but firstly, Bernie offered to show us around the Channel 7 studio. We drove to Epping (thankfully with GPS). It took a long time and Bernie has to do this every time he goes to work and even further if it is on location at the beach (Summer Bay). BB was beside himself with joy, as he has always been interested in making films and does a good job himself.
He will show you more of our visit to the "Home and Away" set on his blog here.

Bernie, who plays Hugo Austin and us in the cafe set.


  1. Hi Diane, are you on flickr? I have just joined it is such a great place for sharing photos and I have often admired your travel photos.

  2. No Starry. I have seen it but I'm already using Picasa which I think is similar. But I might look into Flickr again when I get time???

  3. omg how lucky are you to be on the set of Home and away...I watch the show every night without i`m hooked...I now think of you every time I see "Hugo" bernie...