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Currumbin Beach, South East Queensland.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eagleby Wetlands

I was looking through my file of interesting places to visit when a newspaper clipping headline caught my eye. "Eagleby Wetland is a top spot for a nature photographer and a dream destination for birdwatchers." As Eagleby is only about 15 mins down the road by car we tootled off yesterday to find the wetland.

It is a magic little pocket of nature surrounded by suburb, sports complex and a smelly sewerage treatment plant.

There were many many water birds.

Egrets and Little Black Cormorants

"Hey anything worth digging for in the slimy marshy water?" say the Swamphens.

A lone Black Swan enjoys the company of the ducks, Wood, Hardhead and Pacific Black.

After the Bird Hide Walk we chose the Melaleuca Board Walk.

Melaleuca trees belong to the Myrtle family. There are about 200 species native to Australia. The larger trees have a flaky bark and are often called "Paper Bark Trees". They are evergreens and have a flower that looks like a bottle brush. They grow in forests but love swampy areas too.

Hundreds of ducks

More Melaleucas, old, twisted, gnarled into interesting shapes.

BB is thinking of afternoon tea and is heading back to the car, past this elegant Eucalyptus.


much2ponder said...

Thanks for sharing. What season is it there? We are beginning our fall season. I love this time of year. The autumn colors are so bright and vibrant. I hope to post some pictures from the Kettles area here soon.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You certainly did find a neat wetlands area, Diane. Gee--there are TONS of birds there. How neat!!!! I'd love that boardwalk also. Beautiful!!!!

P.S. You all are just going into spring. Right? We're going into Fall here.

Xavi said...

I love Melaleuca and Eucalyptus

SandyCarlson said...

The eucalyptus is elegant, to be sure. That is a wonderful place tucked into all that human activity. The black swan is also very elegant.

Denise said...

What a magnificent place to visit Diane. Your photos are fantastic. I've been looking forward to catching up on all your posts. Going to your others right now. Have a great week :)

Gattina said...

What a very interesting place and so close to your home ! The pictures are beautiful and the trees look so strange, ready for a horror movie, lol ! I sometimes do the same, I look up the page "What to do in Belgium" and it gives me ideas for photo shoots !

Utah Grammie said...

Those are great photos! I love birds...can't count myself as a "bird-watcher" but I really enjoy the birds I have seen - even the little sparrows:-)

Those wetlands look very interesting - oh the places you go!

mandy said...

I can`t get over how many birds there are at this wetlands....Great pictures Diane....

Sunny said...

Such wonderful pictures! The Swamp Hens are fascinating.
Sunny :)

Carol-Ann said...

How do you know the names of all these birds, Mum? Great shots too.
Luckily we can't share the smell with you!

The Southern Belle said...

These photos are so wonderful. Diane, through you wonderful trips and photos I am able to visit such glorious places -- even while in my wheelchair most of the time still.

You help me feel so much better and remember what a beautiful world out there God has created. Thank you.

Thanks also for you sweet post on my blog. It was so nice seeing this on there this morning. It made my day for sure.

Julie said...

This is a suburban area to treasure, Diane. It seems well organised so that human activity does not impact bird activity too much. Good to see. I will have to look for places like this around my own backyard, so to speak.

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh, Diane, what a beautiful area. I love all the trees and walkways. It's fascinating to see all the different types of birds. Thanks for sharing this place.

eileeninmd said...

This wetlands looks like my kind of place, love all the bird photos. Egrets are so pretty. I love all the different trees too, especially the Melalecua tree.

Callie said...

How great to have such a wonderful place so close and easy to visit. Great to be able to go home for tea!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!