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Monday, August 1, 2016


From Lorella Springs we continued on our journey across the top of Australia to Ngukurr, an Aboriginal Community in Arnhem Land, NT. A 310k trip. (see map)   

We stopped at Butterfly Springs for morning tea. The early morning sun lit up the Paper Bark Trees. 
 We walked around the water hole into the bush.

 We came to a cliff face, the guide walked up to the wall and waved his arms madly. Suddenly the air was full of butterflies. There were hundreds and hundreds of Black Crow Butterflies. They were hard to photograph as they fluttered around in a panic.

 After a while they started to settle a little.

 Then they returned to the cliff wall. Can you see them?

 We drove on and on for miles and miles. We stopped for lunch near the Roper River. This is the river crossing. Can you see a group of children cooling off in the river. There are crocodiles in this river.

After a while they were walking along the road. We found out later that they should have been in school.

 There is a total ban on alcohol in Ngukurr and the community is quite industrious. They run this nice motel situated on the top of a ridge overlooking the great expanse of Arnhem Land.

From my spot on the balcony I could see our outdoor dining room and BBQ area. There was a proper kitchen attached to one of the accommodation blocks.

 Local caterers came in to cook dinner for us. They used local products. We had water buffalo sausages, prawn kebabs, crocodile kebabs and chicken. This was all cooked on the BBQ.

 Kangaroo stew

 Damper (type of bread) cooked in a camp oven.

Barramundi Fish

It was an idilic place to dine.


  1. It is such a world away from your normal life.

  2. Now those look like pretty places for sure and man, they fed you well didn't they?!

  3. I was about to say my favorite photo is the one of the children playing hooky from school but then I got to the end and that view is absolutely gorgeous.

  4. I remember those barramundi fish when we were there, they are delicious. Those butterflies are amazing I don't think I have ever seen so many in one place in the wild. Sounds like a great trip. T'other Diane

  5. Hello, what a beautiful place. I love the butterflies. The childen are brave to swim in the water with crocs. The fish meal looks delicious. I love the last sunset shot, gorgeous!
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  6. Diane crocodile strw it seems great

  7. Tim would have liked to try the kangaroo stew not sure about the crocodile kebabs though

  8. Again a wild looking place ! How beautiful ! I wished I could try a crocodile kebab ! Kangaroo steaks I have eaten already. You can buy their meat here.

  9. You certainly visited some beautiful places on this trip. I'm not sure I would be ready to try crocodile kababs!

  10. I would eat the crocodile but not the kangaroo. I just couldn't!
    I love the composIt ion of your second photo. So dreamy and beautiful.

    1. Nor could I Cynthia. I would choke on kangaroo meat.


  11. Black butteflies, difficult to spot and to tae pictures off.


  12. This truancy in this area and others in Aboriginal communities is
    terrible and I have no idea how it can be overcome.
    I am glad you highlighted this problem for followers to note.
    It is a sad indictment and to see such obviously young kids just
    flaunting the law.
    Swimming in croc infested billabongs is not too smart either.

  13. I loved this series of photos Diane. So interesting! Quite a feast with interesting ingredients. I remember them selling crocodile meat in our local supermarket when we first moved hear 24 years ago but it disappeared from the meat section not long after. Never bought it myself. Maybe not enough adventurous eaters :) Thank you for your very kind comments regarding my father-in-law. So very much appreciated.

  14. Such exotic foods in such a beautiful setting! Did you eat everything? What was your favorite? I wonder if water buffalo tastes like the bison we have in the US? I've tasted crocodile but I'm not sure if I'd eat the kangaroo stew. Glad those children did not become dinner for a cricodile!