Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, August 25, 2016


When I visited kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia, I went to a bird show. The birds and their trainers were amazing. I can't remember the names of the birds but I will have a guess. Please correct me if I make a mistake.
 At the trainer's call, this owl appeared out of its hole.

 It swooped down to sit on the trainer's glove and it was given a mouse to eat.

 Then it hopped onto the tourist's laps where we could gently touch it. It was so soft.

 After the owl went back in its hole another bird appeared out of the sky and came to the trainer. A Hobby Falcon.

 A Nankeen Kestrel

 The funniest character was the Black Breasted Buzzard.

 It showed us how it could pick up a stone and throw it down on an emu egg to break it open to eat the inside. It is a fake egg for the show and it has a meat treat inside.

 The trainer has another treat in his glove.

 The birds kept getting bigger. I think this is the Sea Eagle.

 It is a beautiful bird.

 There were two trainers and they had a wonderful rapport with the birds. They told us how the birds were rescued from injury some are returned to the wild and some stay in the park.

 These kookaburras were funny. Their names were Banjo and Clancy. That made me smile since my grandson is called Banjo. (Banjo Patterson, the poet, wrote the poem "Clancy of the Overflow"as well as many more including "Waltzing Matilda")

A black kite

 The trainer had a friendly chat with a Wedged Tailed Eagle.

 He showed us how big his wings are.

A marvellous huge bird.
There were still more amazing things to see on the island.
Thanks to Stewart from "Paying Ready Attention" for fixing some of my ID's.


  1. my goodness, what a treat that would be to see all these magnificent birds. that sea eagle is amazing and I love the kookaburras. all of these birds are new to me, even the owl is one I have not seen.

  2. We have similar shows here and they are always so entertaining. We must be pleased we are the size we are and not the size of mouse or even a rabbit.

  3. I am pretty sure Diane that you have nailed the correct name
    for each of the birds.
    Certainly an impressive line-up.
    I wonder how the BUSTARD got it's moniker???
    Maybe from early settler who had their poultry and duck yards
    raided for eggs. BUSTARD being a more polite way of saying
    "Bugger ( or the "P" word) off you bloody bastards.

  4. magnificent birds and lovely photos

  5. Beautiful photos of some amazing birds; a lovely post Diane!

  6. What an informative and entertaining show. To see the power of these birds up close must have been exciting.

  7. How wonderful to be able to see such a display of beautiful birds..

  8. Wonderful bird show, you have such a close look at the wild birds this way. I watched a simular birdshow some time ago. Had no idea what to expect, but enjoyed it very much. Didn't know they could learn those birds all kind of instructions.

  9. WOW, these are beautiful shots and beautiful birds. Love the Owl. Hug B

  10. He certainly seems to have a way with birds and I see the owl had no jesses on its legs, so it obviously lives wild though responds to the trainer which is wonderful. Some great photos here t'other Diane

  11. Hello, Diane! The birds of prey are beautiful. I love the Barn owl. The Kestrel, Eagles, and the Kite are amazing. I like the cute Kookaburra too. Wonderful post and photos. Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Wow!!! What a treat to have the birds so close up to photograph. I have never been that close to a barn owl and what a thrill to have one sit on your lap to touch. Just wonderful.

  13. What a wonderful bird show... There were some gorgeous birds there... I laughed when I saw the Black Breasted Buzzard... What an awesome and crazy-looking bird... Love it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Birds of prey are favorite birds of mine and I would like to see that show. The birds in your photos are majestic and look quite smart.

  15. What a pretty bird show, yes prey birds but still pretty! One having the name of your grandson sure helps to remember it. The crazy bird did have nice colors 😀

  16. These big birds are fantastic to see close up. I don't like the thought of them being injured but then again, when they are rescued and used to educate, that is a great outcome, I think.

  17. That's a good bird show -- we've seen a few of the same type of show with rehabbed birds of prey -- but never this many and never most of the ones you show (because we weren't in the right country obviously).

  18. Fabulous photos Diane. I just love the owls and the majestic eagle. That's something I'm amazed with while we are travelling, all the many and varied types of birds.

  19. is this a rehab center and are the birds released?

    1. Yes but some are not able to return to the wild. See their web site here

  20. What a wonderful place for the birds to call "home" once they're released into the wild!! Of course, my favorites were the Kestrel and the Eagles!!...:)JP

  21. As I scrolled through these photos all I could say was wow and bloody marvelous

  22. These birds are so powerful.


  23. Whey are huge! Great series of photos.

  24. Big bird! I feel frightened when i see its sharp beak:)

  25. Fabulous shots of the birds of prey Diane, they are a wonderful sight to see soaring in the sky. Super capture of the owl swooping down.

  26. Such an interesting show. I can't imagine the patience it takes to train wild birds. It looks like a completely open place so I'm wondering why the birds don't fly away?