Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, August 14, 2016


After travelling for 12 days through some of the most remote parts of Australia, we arrived back in civilisation in Darwin. Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory, it is the most northern city in Australia. It is tropical with hot temperatures all year round and lots of rain in the wet season, our summer. It is not a large city but very modern because it had to be rebuilt after the cyclone,"Tracy" completely destroyed the whole city in 1974. Our tour with 'Outback Spirit" ended with a bus tour of Darwin and a visit to the Military Museum.

This house was one of the few that survived the cyclone. It has been kept as an example of the type of homes that used to be in Darwin before the cyclone. New ones are built to cyclone standards and are more modern.

After we said goodbye to our tour companions, Ann, George and I continued our holiday for a few more days. Firstly, we joined a half day "Ultimate Tour".  We were picked up at the hotel and driven to the airport, where we boarded a small float plane , which took us south of Darwin into the wilderness and landed on "Sweets Lagoon".

In the lagoon there was a big pontoon with a boat, a helicopter and an airboat waiting for us.

There were 10 of us on the tour, which started with a relaxing cruise on the pristine lagoon. We also enjoyed a BBQ Barramundi fish lunch.

When we returned to the pontoon we were divided into groups. Some went on the airboat and some in the helicopter. 

The first ride in the airboat was a fast lap where we zoomed around the lagoon at speed and then we entered the wetlands and zoomed around the trees. It was exhilarating and wet.

At one point the driver slowed and stopped and fed these wild pigs.

We returned to the pontoon and then boarded the helicopter without doors, which is good for photography if you are game to let go of the widow edge.

The young pilot buzzed along the lagoon the tipped on its side as we turned towards a patch of termite mounds. It was exciting even if a bit scary.

We came down for a closer look.

We actually landed for a few minutes to see how big these mounds were, they were as tall as the helicopter. Then we zoomed between the mounds back up into the sky.

We looked down and could see the others in the airboat returning from the wetlands.

Then we were back at the pontoon and boat. When the airboat returned all the tour group boarded it for a more leisurely tour into the rain forest. It was an amazing trip into a deep dark spooky world where we saw prehistoric crocodiles.

They came very close to the boat. One actually jumped out of the water with its jaws wide open showing us its menacing teeth and pink tongue. Luckily we were protected by a wire fence around the boat and a ranger with a long pole.

They glide so quietly and almost submerged, they are hard to see.

It was the most amazing ride I have had. The scenery and wildlife was like out of another world.

We returned to the pontoon and waited for the float plane to take us back to Darwin. While we were waiting the crew were trying to feed fish to  the Sea Eagles.

Finally one came down and plucked the fish from the hand of a crew member.

Then it was time to go.

The sun was setting as we returned to the airport.

I was sitting right behind the pilot. It was fun. Wow! What an adventure. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Darwin.


  1. Wow what a tour, and I would love to visit Darwin one day just one of the many awesome places in this awesome country.

  2. Very close - too close for me to the feral pigs and those "gooey" eyed crocs.
    You sure had a fantastic trip and are to be congratulated on your wonderful
    coverage by print and photos of this northern odyssey.

  3. Wow what an adventure yall had! Love the old trees, so unique. Well the pigs, the helicopter pics were so pretty. Like the old house they left there, it was quaint!

  4. That is some recommendation given all of the amazing trips you have done!

  5. I shivered as I read the quietly gliding crocodile. What a great day and sounds like it was well worth the money spent. How many high rises are the their now in Darwin!

  6. Totally awesome photos today. I love the two Eagles I love the helicopter I love the plane and I really love those smiling pigs. I think this adventure that you have been on lately is maybe the biggest one yet and you are a world traveler as we all know.

  7. Hello, Diane! I would love this tour. The wild pigs, sea eagle and the crocs are all awesome sightings. The views from the helicopter and plane are beautiful. Wonderful post and photos, thanks for sharing your trip. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  8. WOW is right! What an incredible adventure you have been on, each part more wonderful than the last. Your country is amazing and I love seeing it through your eyes and photos. You are an inspiration, Diane.

  9. What a fantastic trip this has been. You have seen and done so much with lots of exciting adventures on the way. I have enjoyed being there with you through your photos.

  10. What a great set of photos. Termite mounds are something we saw quite often in Africa and of course crocodiles. I have so enjoyed this virtual trip, well done.
    The only time we saw Darwin was a stop over flying home from Cairns to South Africa via Singapore. Take care t'other Diane

  11. Holy smokes! What a great way to end your adventure - with yet more adventure. Sounds like it was great fun!

  12. What wonderful scenery! It looks like a terrific time you had with so many great opportunities for photos. I would love to see it all myself, but I'm not sure I could deal with other people that long!

  13. I'm speechless! The most amazing adventure after a whole vacation full of them -- what a stunning trip. You were brave in that heliocopter -- and your pictures are wonderful. I'm sure just pictures of the crocs have scared some of your readers, because I get that from people when I post alligator pics (and they seem pretty sleepy and small compared to these Australian cousins!)

  14. Lots of scenes and animals I have seen in the last few days - with still more to come.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Jabiru, Northern Territory, Australia

  15. You have had an amazing adventure through these travels, Diane. I so enjoy your photos which take me along as I sit in my chair in Colorado. Well done!

  16. I am green like grass of jealousy ! What a beautiful trip you did ! I would have loved to come with you !