Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, December 7, 2014


After 28 hours of travelling and waiting for planes we are finally home, pooped and jet lagged. We don't usually suffer from jet lag too badly but this time it hit hard. Coming from the cold northern hemisphere to to the hot and humid subtropics also is a trial for our ageing bodies. 

Anyway, we travelled to USA and stopped in LA for a few days to catch up with our daughter, Sonya, and SIL, Bernie, and the two boys, Fox and Banjo. Then we flew to Nashville and drove to Gatlinburg in the Smoky Mts and then back to Memphis where we boarded the American Queen Steamboat for a cruise down the Mississippi to New Orleans.

I tried to blog on the way with my iPad but it was difficult for me because I depend on local wifi and I also had problems loading photos from the camera. So I spat the dummy and stopped posting. I prefer doing it at home on my laptop. Our neighbours, Kathy and Rob, came on the trip with us. Kathy didn't have a problem posting from her iPad. She had a US sim card and her iPad has a bigger capacity than mine. Bill had his lap top with him and he managed to post okay when we had decent wifi connection. 

So I will continue posting about our adventures now.If you missed the first posts start here. 

Sunday 16/11/14

Returning back to the B&B after climbing Clingman's Dome in the Smoky Mountains, we intended to return to the B&B via the Blue Ridge Parkway but the road was closed due to fog, rain and ice. So we went back the way we came.
We called into Mingis Mill to see a corn grinding mill built in the early 1800's. It has been renovated and still grinds corn today.

Our friend Rob warms his hands while he chats to the miller's wife.

It was a pretty walk back to the car. Bill going trip trap across the bridge.

 We stopped at the Sugarland Visitor Centre and did a short walk to Cataract Falls, which were a little disappointing but the trees losing their leaves and mossy undergrowth, together with a carpet of leaves underfoot was an enchanting forest walk. It was starting to rain and it was good that the next stop was the B&B and a hot chocolate. We shared our photos and caught up with my diary before we ventured out again for a huge dinner.
Walking to Cataract Falls near the Sugarland Visitor's Centre.
It was cold at Cataract Falls.

 The coloured trees were pretty.

The mossy tree trunks and the carpet of leaves was enchanting.

Lets get back to the warm B&B and a hot chocolate.


  1. Diane, it's been absolutely delightful following along - armchair travel at its very best! Your efforts have not gone unappreciated.
    Rest up and get over that jet lag!

  2. That is a long to wait and travel.
    Welcome home...

  3. Welcome back home oh your photos are so pretty. Hug B

  4. The forest looks like it feels -wonderful. The falls....oh well. Maybe in the springtime.

  5. Hello Diane, lovely photos from the Smoky Mtn park.. even with the rain..I hope you trip was fun and I know you enjoyed being with your grandsons again! They are so cute! I hope you are well rested now.. Happy Sunday, have a great week ahead!

  6. glad you're back home and can rest for a bit! :) beautiful leaf carpet!

  7. I remember that little hike to Cataract Falls very well. I'm glad there was at least a little color for you to enjoy. I'll bet the hot chocolate was delicious.

  8. so beautiful and glad you are home safely... vacations are for fun, not fighting with wi fi connections. if i were out there i would just enjoy all that beautiful woods and forget the posting. just like you did...

  9. For sure, Cataract Falls isn't much to see --but the gentle hike in the woods is nice... So sorry you had so many internet problems. I wondered why/how Kathy could do it and you all couldn't. Now I know!

    I have a blog post tomorrow --but won't be blogging much until I start feeling better and get this knee taken care of... I will however try to at least read posts (even if I don't comment)... I will however be posting off and on on Facebook (since it's so simple) if you want to check there when possible.


  10. Welcome back! Your city has copped a couple of corkers in your absence. Take time for your body and mind to get back to THIS reality.

  11. Damp and beautiful - does make you wish for some hot chocolate! Glad you had a fine adventure and got home safely.

  12. I like to take my laptop when travelling and would often do short posts while away. I don't have an ipad or tablet.

  13. I too had a crack at blogging while travelling, but without the familiar desktop computer, it was just too hard. Also it is quite time consuming and I felt I would be neglecting my partner, which I quite happily do at home. I think if you do it once home, you produce much better posts and you have proper time to go through photos. Sounds like a pretty good holiday.

  14. Welcome home! I bet it was great slipping into your own bed after a nice hot shower. Enjoyed your photos of this lovely walk through the wood. I thought of you last night. Gregg and I went for a nice long walk and it was the first bitterly cold one we had been on this season. Must be lovely to get back to your Brisbane climate. Gregg's brother and his wife are enjoying a holiday in California right now.

  15. Great to hear from you and love this post as all the others. I was worried that the storm in Brisbane may have caused you problems. Take care and enjoy your summer,we had our frost frost last night. T'other Diane

  16. Love the autumn colours. Yes, that does look cold. Do you miss it now you're back in the heat? X

    1. Not really you know that I prefer the heat. Love just wearing shorts and T-shirt whether I am inside or outside. Must admit it has been a bit tiring though.

  17. Nothing like getting home once more - no matter how great the adventure was. I can imagine the climate shock you have gone through, so hope you settle back in really quickly.
    A shame to have gone all that way to be disappointed by the Falls, but, intrepid traveller as you are, you take the good with the not so ...
    Love all the beautiful colours of the leaves, and those trees in their setting are breathtaking. Wonderful photos and really great posts Diane :D)

  18. Welcome home! Look forward to seeing your trip in more detail - sometimes blogging on the road means I don't give the actual experience my full attention! You can always use this as an excuse - it works for me!!!

  19. I am always happy to see someone else posting catch up travel adventures, because that's what I always do. It's annoying not to have good internet though, I agree.