Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Friday, February 25, 2011


I splashed out and bought myself an early birthday present. A macro lens. So I went into the garden to experiment but I can see I have a lot to learn as the photos are not in focus or crystal clear like they should be. Naturally, I was disappointed as I wanted them to be perfect the first time. Anyway here is my first try.

This tiny cricket insect was about 1cm/1/2 in. long. It was sitting on a rock melon/cantaloupe leaf. The little black dot to the right of it is going to be dinner.

Yum Yum!

All gone.

How long are those antennae?

The rock melon bud.

Rock melon flower


Hoping I can get them much sharper next time.


  1. It's a good start, Diane :) I wish you much happiness as you get to grips with your new toy!

  2. I think you did a great job for the first time.
    The little bug's eyes in the second picture made me laugh, he looks like a cartoon character!
    Can't wait to see more.
    ☼ Sunny

  3. Hi Diane, Congrats on getting your macro lens. George has one and loves it. He uses manual focus.... But--he says that it is still hard sometimes to get a clear picture... Holding the camera completely still is the key--but when you are bending down, that is not so easy... ha

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Wonderful! I love macro us more! Wow, how does that little cricket navigate with such long antennae? Amazing.

  5. Insects always look like cartoon movie characters in macro shots ! Now I know from what the film makers are inspired !

  6. Nice shots Diane. Isn't it lovely how a macro lens can bring out the child in us - just like being 3 years old again, marvelling at the wonder of a bug eating its dinner. The world needs more macros I say!

  7. This is very special,the plants are so different when you see them in macro. A whole new world to photograph!

  8. You will have much fun with your macro-lens. Enjoy.
    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  9. I think they look good , Diane For your first time using your new lens. Congrats on your early birthday present. I wish you a Happy Birthday early too.

  10. Congratulations on your new macro lens. I think your first efforts are very good indeed. I've had a macro lens for several months and am still learning how to get crisp pictures.

  11. Fantastic, I knew it would not be long before you made that investment. You are doing well and will enjoy it heaps. Looking forward to seeing more.

  12. It's very good to have something new to learn. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it very quickly. I look forward to being introduced to many more of your garden bugs!

  13. I've enjoyed your macro's very much, lovely shots. What a great birthday present :)

  14. Does a mono-pod assist in securing crisp shots? AJ

  15. Oops, did I mean a mono pole??????????

  16. A good b-d present! The bug pix are cute -- you'll have fun learning.

  17. Hi Diane!! Congrats on your new toy (it looks great) and on the birthday to come...

  18. Hi Mum,
    They look great. Here's a tip I learned from my maro: because the depth of field is so very shallow you need to use a tripod and bright lighting conditions. I found it difficult to travel with because I didn't want to lug a tripod around in my backpack! But this was in the days before digital film and I couldn't check the quality of a shot insitu. But another trick is to use your timer and put the camera down to minimise shake or moving the object out of the skinny focal point. Have fun Mum, it's a great tool.
    xxx Carol

  19. Oh, lovely! A new toy (lens) is such fun. I love your macro shots. I love a good macro lens and I love looking at the world one detail at a time. You and I do share a very kindred photographic "eye." The melon tendril is especially lovely.

  20. They're looking good Diane - glad you posted your first efforts. It will be exciting to see how you progress.

    With your photographic abilities you'll soon have that new lens eating out of the palm of your hand ;-)

    The tendril is my favourite.

  21. Diane, I don't mind if a picture looks a bit fuzzy. I think it gives it a special allure! You have done well and it only can get better; you are a good photographer.

  22. Hi Diane,
    You asked in your comments on my macro flower if I had any tips.
    I've been reading the comments here and the tips are all good.

    I think for your first time you captured your subject wells. The sharpness you probably desire will come with practice. I take lots of shots and delete lots of shots. :)

    I know everyone says use a tripod. I've had my camera two years and have never used one. That's my preference. You do have to hold the camera very still or brace yourself. Windy days are not your friend.
    Practice and patience. It will come. Enjoy.

  23. Excellent shots for your first time out Diane, I really like the bug.

    You asked for tips on the macro lens. Actually I have never owned one. When I was using my SLR I was more interested in panoramic shots or animals. I never bought a macro for that camera.

    My current camera is a step above a point and shot but it isn't a DSLR either. It has a built in macro however. When I use the macro sometimes I use manual settings but most of the time I shot on auto. I don't like lugging around a tripod but it is important to hold the camera steady.