Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Newstead House

We visited another historic house last week. This is Newstead House, Brisbane's oldest surviving residence. It was built in 1846. (I know this is not old compared to other countries but Australia wasn't discovered until 1770 and the first settlement, Sydney, wasn't started until 1788).
The pioneer Patrick Lesley built the house but didn't stay long and he sold it to John Wickham, Police Magistrate of the Moreton Bay Settlement. 

Later it became the home of George and Jane Harris, ship owner and Consul for the USA. They lived there for 27 years.

During this time it came to epitomise the elegant Brisbane society. 

In 1878 the Newstead estate was subdivided to create the suburb of today's Newstead.

In 1939 the house was preserved by the Queensland Government as an example of the earliest domestic architecture.

The back of the house has a lovely view over the extensive gardens and parkland.....

and down the Brisbane River.

He looks familiar.


  1. I just can't believe it that it is so old ! built in 1846 and it looks so very modern ! It looks as if it had been built yesterday !

  2. Hi Diane, what a lovely house and a wonderful series of photographs. Thanks for taking us to such an interesting place.

  3. Diane, you photography just gets better and better. I wish we lived close so you could teach me some of your tricks.

    I adorable that water lily shot.

  4. Diane

    Great photography. I think, can be checked, that if you are prepared to pay "BIG BUCKS" you can arrange to hold your wedding reception there on the verandahs or in marquees on the grounds. Certainly, if still permitted, would be a lovely site.
    Colin (HB)

  5. Lovely spot. I especially like the architectural detailing of the house. Lunch?

  6. Looks like a prime piece of property, Diane... How gorgeous!!!! Glad they preserved it.

    Thanks for sharing...

  7. I have visited this place and always admire it on the drive in from the airport.

  8. What a wonderful house! I love the wide wrap around veranda, the green door, and the waterlily fountain!

  9. Diane thank you for this history tour. It is a lovely house and a great garden. Good to have it so beautifully preserved. The Flower of the water-lily is a pretty touch! I like the fountain with the swans.

  10. Yes, very nice view! I love the fountain and its flowers. Thanks for sharing your lovely pics Diane.

  11. I'm glad this beautiful home has been preserved. I really like the view of the river from the property.

  12. It takes a lot of staff to live in such a place... ;)