Brisbane, QLD

Monday, March 22, 2010


I had often read in our local paper about a Buddhist Temple which is only a 10 minute drive from home. I always  wanted to visit but never got around to it until recently when we had interstate visitors and I thought it would be a good place to take friends. I was surprised at the size of the place and the extent in which they help the community.
The Chung Tian Temple was built in 1993 in a bush setting on the border of Brisbane City and Logan City. It is a palace like building.

The entrance and pathways are lined with statues and Chinese gardens.

As you walk through the entrance it opens into a pretty courtyard. I just missed capturing a fellow banging the bell with the swinging wooden gong. There were many rooms for different activities; classrooms, conference rooms, dining rooms and prayer rooms. (No photos allowed inside) There were many photos displayed of activities held there for the community and school children. Chinese writing, art, meditation and Thai Chi. 

We walked out of the courtyard to a pagoda like temple. It was a beautiful building.

I could take pictures from the doorway. We took off our shoes and went inside. It was so calm and peaceful in there. The walls were covered in thousands of little identical plaques but each had a different number. I wondered why and should have asked one of the attendants but I was too shy.

We walked back into the courtyard and then through the front entrance. The statue in the entrance is of Venerable Master Hsing Yun, the founder of Foguangshan Buddhist Order in Taiwan.

Chung Tian means "central heaven". It is a cultural, educational and religious centre for devotees, students, scholars and tourists alike. It is in a tranquil, woodland setting and gives credence to the saying...'"Chung Tian temple is heaven in Australia" (Information from a brochure published by the Buddhist Assoc. of Qld.)


  1. Ooooh, the garden and winding path are so pretty! Isn't it funny how we keep putting off the local sites, because we always think we will get to it later, and finally after years we get around to it when visitors come?

  2. Beautiful place, Diane... Glad you finally visited it. There must be alot of Buddhists in your area. That's neat that they help the community so much.

  3. Hi Diane! Wonderful pictures; the place looks quiet and serene... Lovely!!

    Blogtrotter 2 has landed in Mexico. Enjoy and have a great week!!

  4. It looks as if one could "feel " the peace in a place like that! Beautiful!

  5. Diane

    I think I shall make a booking to go and stay for a week of "meditation". It will do me the world of good. I think in my yellow attire, which does have that saffron look about it, I will blend in very well. And you will have a week free of my comments on your blog as I will be in prayer mode, contemplating the problems of the Universe and Beyond!
    The problem is I don't like rice! So would you or Bill, bring me down some of your delicate "delights" - like fresh prawns and oysters????? PLEASE. Pies and cakes would also be appreciated.

    I really enjoyed the temples of Bangkok - real peace and serenity.

    Seriously they are beautiful photographs.


  6. The overall setting looks so peaceful and serene. Those gardens are beautiful.

  7. Lovely shots, especially the one with the round door, towards the bottom. There is a temple like this on the road down to the South Coast, you have prompted me to go and visit it next time I'm down that way.

  8. As for Joan, your post reminded me of the Buddhist Temple down on the way to Wollongong. THey have open days too. The only hassle is that it is brand new and clean and sparkling ...

  9. Beautiful serene place Diane - my mother was Buddhist, but had to convert in order to marry my father.

    I'm off outside to survey the vast damage from the hail storm.....



  10. wow, it looks huge and it's in Australia?? Gee, looks like Asia :). Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  11. Wow that looks like a beautiful and peaceful place ! I saw a similar place last year in Huy, a little town in Belgium where the biggest Buddha temple is located. There was a meeting, it was great ! so colorful. We have a little temple here in Waterloo, so far I only saw it from outside.

  12. I enjoyed seeing this beautiful temple Diane. It looks very peaceful and so well maintained. Thanks for the virtual visit!

  13. It looks to be a beautiful and peaceful place. I would like to spend some time there. I wonder if the plaques are on the wall to honor the donors who gave to build the temple?

  14. I am glad you went there. Thanks for these photos. Really lovely. Buddhist temples are great places to be at any time.