Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, March 20, 2010


We had visitors last week and we are lucky to have a Koala Centre 5 minutes away by car or 15 minute walk. It is situated in Daisy Hill Forest.  It is an educational facility to teach the public and school children about Koalas. It is not a zoo but they often have Koalas there, which need rehabilitation before being released back into the wild. They are usually babies that have been found in a dead mother's pouch on the roadside. Sometimes they are sick ones which are getting treatment.
This is what Koalas do most of the day. At night they go hunting for the best juiciest eucalyptus leaves. They only eat certain species of eucalyptus trees.

Sometimes they will rouse for a scratch. They rarely drink water as they get enough from the leaves.
We were very lucky as this one woke up and started to move which doesn't happen often during the day.
Ah ha! She can see some juicy leaves over there.

Down she climbs. They have a hard cartilage callus on their backside for propping in the fork of trees and sleeping..

They walk on all four legs.

Do you see the long sharp claws she uses for climbing? They cause a problem when rangers want to catch them for treatment. She's not hungry, she'll wait for dark.

Maybe its more comfy up there. The local school have established a Eucalyptus plantation to provide the centre with fresh leaves every day. They munch through tons of them. Unfortunately the Koala is facing extinction as we human beings keep bulldozing their habitats for housing. There are some forest areas where they are safe, like Daisy Hill but not enough.BTW Koalas are NOT bears but marsupials and we don't call them Koala Bears any more. (They get offended.)


  1. The Koalas are so cute! Great photos, Diane! It is sad to hear they are loosing their habitat.

  2. They are just too cute for words. Those faces!

  3. They are so cute and such adorable creatures, but I heard that they have quiet a special character ! I have only seen them in the zoo of Antwerp.

  4. Welcome aboard the Friday Ark.

    What great Koala pics!!!

  5. Hey Mum, you should mention the strange hog-like grunting noise they make in the middle of the night!!

    They look so cuddly - except for the claws!! Beautiful photos!

  6. Diane a great post about the Koalas.
    They live in our neighbourhood and I have especially Koala feeding trees planted. It is great that you could photograph one awake! the ones I see around here on the trees are sleepy and not showing their face, they have not yet learned to model. You are right it is not a Koala bear, it is a Koala and it means I do not drink, so I have seen them drinking water.

  7. Happy Spring, Diane! March 20th is the first day of Spring in North America.

    Loved the visit to see the koalas. I used to watch them at the Fleishhacker Zoo in San Francisco.

    I clicked to send a comment and somehow I think I sent you an email. Don't know how that happened.

    Oh, I see... I clicked the little envelope by mistake. I thought it was a new way of moderating comments. Silly me!

  8. Amazing photos, Diane! You do have a great photographic eye and your blog is always a visual treat.

  9. I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful close up photos of the koala, Diane, and all the interesting facts you shared about them. I hope that they will be protected and their habitats preserved so their numbers can grow again.

    Thanks for all your comments. I ahve been so behind since by visit to Colorado.

  10. How neat, Diane. I love seeing the little Koalas.. They just are so precious. LOVE their little faces. I hope they will be protected--so that their numbers will grow again.

    Thanks again.

  11. Such a sweet little Koala! Minus those claws of course!
    How nice to have the Koala Center at Daisy Hill so close! you can visit anytime you like!

    When I fist started to read your post and it said" we had visitors today.." and I could see the pictures of the Koala, I thought you were going to tell us that you had a Koala in your garden! Well, you do get Wallaby's, so it's wasn't too much of a stretch. :-)

  12. I've always loved Koalas. Nice pics.

  13. Amazing shots of these rare and shy creatures. They really are delightful!

  14. A great series of picture. I wanna hug the koala.

  15. A great set of photos :) It's nice to hear of the wonderful work being done for them too. Take care :)

  16. The Koalas are so cute!
    You are right, these flowers are of the same family as Eucalyptus. Very good point Diane.
    I wish you a happy week.

  17. I absolutely must plan a trip to Australia when I am back on my feet entirely.

    How adorable these little creatures are! Great photographs.

    BTW, I got a couple of surprises for your future new grandbaby at the Memphis Zoo. Just have to get these packed up and mailed now. Hope he likes these.

  18. Morning Diane

    Great to note that your daughter knows about the habits of the koalas, as you have not mentioned the "grunting" noises of the night, then for your overseas followers, I shall elaborate!

    These nocturnal "pig like noises" are the mating calls of the males! And they can create quite a racket!
    Nothing is left to the imagination of the fascinated human listener!

    Koalas are always in a state of intoxication from the juices of the Eucalyptus leaves. Thus the cuddily look of them in sanctuaries and zoos. However, corner one of them in the wild, and you'll find out just what they can do with those claws!!

    Another "blogger" asked are they, the koalas, protected. Yes, and if you are caught with one, the arm of the law is VERY severe. They are NOT kept as family pets - EVER!
    It is against the law.

    Colin (HB)

  19. Really great photos - and I always leaer so much when I come visit here..they are darling and I wondered about them falling out of the trees - guess those claws really hold them in, huh?

  20. So nice to be able to see them close up ... and good to have a park nearby coz I find they are very hard to spot in the wild.

  21. Wonderful capture of the little koala. They always look so cuddly until you see those big claws. I am glad to hear they are being protected, it would be a real loss if they were to go extinct.

    I never could figure out why people called them bears, I learned they were marsupials long ago.

  22. We are seeing a loss of habit for lots of our wild animals, bear, mountain lions, bobcats, wolves and other types of creatures. People build in their area and then get upset when thier dog or cat goes missing, sometimes right in front of them.

    Humans are such silly, greedy things.

    I love your stormy header, and am sorry for the distruction during the storm.


  23. That is wonderful, they are so cute! Great pictures I would love to photograph a koala. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a wonderful day! Denise@cottagesisters