Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brain Drain

My poor old computer died and my poor old wallet is empty now because I bought a new MacBook today. It has taken me hours to learn how to put up this post as I am not used to the Apple system. However, I do love my new toy but there is so much to learn and my poor old brain is drained. I hope I can quickly learn new stuff each day and then REMEMBER it for the next day. I hate having a slow old brain. Anyway I managed to work out how to post some more pics of my garden, which has turned into jungle after the rain and heat. There are many areas of Queensland suffering with floods but we are OK here on the hill.
The path is almost impassable.
I squeeze past the overhanging branches and get water dripping down my neck.
I'm confronted with a Monsterio Delicio bursting with fruit.
Can't remember the name of this pretty tree which has also grown huge.
I love the pink edges on this plant.


  1. It sure does look like a jungle ... mostly because to my eye is it so tropical. Are you going to eat the Monsterio fruit?

    P.S It won't take long for you to love your Mac.

  2. Diane I am looking to update my notebook and have been told that Windows 7 is becoming more like the Mac. This tells me it is a great system. Good luck with learning..

  3. Congrats on the new computer, you will learn it in no time. It does look like a jungle with very beautiful plants. The Monsterio Delicio looks very large, is the fruit edible?

  4. Yes the fruit is edible but I'm not fussed on it. I give them to my friend who loves them.

  5. You will get used to your Mac in no time and wonder why you didn't have one a long time ago!! :-)
    Your garden is looking very lush and beautiful!!

  6. Your garden looks beautiful Diane and I love your title photo - Castaway Beach - Paradise!

  7. Commiserations on the death of the old machine, and Congrats on the new Mac! The shortcuts are hard to remember if you've been a dedicated PC user!

    That purple plant! It's a Duranta repens - Geisha Girl. We had HUGE ones growing in the garden in Cairns, both white and purple. The Ulysses butterflies loved the purple variety best, although it's a serious envirnomental weed in FNQ. We hacked them down and poisoned them and they grew back stronger than ever!

    SNAP! We've both blogged our gardens - yours must be loving the wet weather.



  8. If it can comfort you then I had an old brain since my birth, concerning certain things, lol ! Your flowers are beautiful ! I had a gardner here yesterday to cut all trees and bushes before the leaves come out ! It was soo much ! Fortunately they had a shredder with them !

  9. I like your tropical looking garden.

    Good luck with the computer learning...I am sure you'll catch on soon. I love my iMac....we had PCs at work and so I've used both, but I prefer Macs. I know you will grow to love it.

  10. I would LOVE to have your garden in my yard! JUST love it!!!


  11. what would you compare the Monsterio fruit with? And as usual, your photos are both lovely & exotic :-)

  12. Hi diane
    Nice photos, it looks rather wet. I love photos after the rain, everything looks fresh. Is that oyster plant in the 2nd photos - lots of them as borders...

    Re yr question... not sure how I can help. I do see "Post a Comment" under yr blog post already. Not if you click on the main blog, but if you click on inidividual posts, for example "Brain Drain", all the comments appear under the post, and below these comments, "Post a Comment" appears in purple...

  13. Wow Diane, what a gorgeous yard... I love seeing yards of people who live in 'tropical' areas. SO gorgeous!!!!

    Hope you like your MacBook--once you get used to it. It is truly much more 'user-friendly' once you learn it. I love mine.

    The hardest thing I had to learn was the 'finger' for your mouse... That is different for sure--but nice (once you learn it).


  14. Colleen: A Monsterio is a little bit like a Custard Apple but not as juicy.

  15. Lovely photos. For me I don't see 'roses' as they don't do well in your area.
    Sorry to hear of 'killed' pc. Enjoy your MAC and you will soon learn how to use it.
    No rain down this end of the world as yet though it's forecast.

  16. hi Diane, oooo new toys how nice. :) i love to play with the new technology. when it works of course. you'll soon get the hang of it. lovely photos as usual. i have the monsteria (?) fruit on my plant out the back. it keeps growing so i have to keep chopping off leaves as it's a small space. i'm sure it makes it grow faster. oh well.

  17. Love the jungle!
    Congratulations on getting a Mac.
    You will come to love it!

  18. Good luck with that Macbook. I am not good with Apple products myself. I am a PC person for sure.

    These photos (and your garden) are gorgeous.

    It is getting warmer in Memphis, and I am so longing to see this kind of beauty again.