Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anyone for Jass?

Last weekend we visited friends on the Gold Coast. After breakfast we walked around Surfer's Paradise.
Lyn and I scanned the beach and found a pleasant sight rippling with bronzed muscles. After he did some stretching exercises and really got us excited, he jumped on his surf ski and tackled the crashing waves.

The boys steered us away towards a coffee shop.

We passed hundreds of apartment blocks all shapes and sizes.

The sign of old age is when men prefer to look at an Aqua Duck instead of beautiful young women. He he, aren't they good boys.

We reached Caville Avenue Mall and had a coffee with hundreds of tourists even on a wet day.
After coffee we returned to our friend's house for another game of cards.

Ben and Bill were friends in Switzerland and migrated to Australia together in 1967. Ben married an Australian girl, Lyn, and we have been friends ever since. The boys taught us girls how to play "Jass", it is a Swiss card game. We love it when us Aussie girls beat the Swiss boys at their own game. (Doesn't happen too often). The reason for the red hat is because we are getting old and forget who's turn it is to deal (how pathetic) so who ever is dealing wears the hat. 


  1. Apparently you DON'T have your eyes in your pockets as we say in French, you very well saw the surfer, lol !
    Mr.G. had always been blind ! I had to tell him "Look what a pretty girl" hahaha !

  2. Great post! You had me chuckling right along.


  3. Lovely - you obviously have lots of fun together.

  4. Great day at the beach! You make me laugh!
    Love the red hat. Neat idea! I'll have to look up Jass and see how the game is played.

  5. That's the funniest thing I've seen! Those two taking pics of the duck-thingy and not looking at the pretty gals! Hahahaaha! And, looks like you two ladies didn't miss a thing..baaaad girls:-)

  6. Very enjoyable post, Diane.

    Love the red hat for dealing and Jass I have looked up and understand it to be a bid-meld-trick variety of game played with only 36 cards. Now tell me, the reference said a Swiss-suited deck. Do you just get a standard deck and take out from 2 - 5 or is there a special Swiss set of cards?

    And another thing ... what is it with this two Aussies lark. YOU my dear friend, are a Po ... you know!

  7. For Julie, Every-time we've been to Switzerland, we bought a few packs of playing cards, which are slightly different from the cards here and of course don't have the 2-5 or a joker. But now that we are unlikely to go there anymore, we'll get friends to send us a few packs.

  8. I laughed and laughed at the 'red hat' story..... YES---we are all getting old.... Cute story...

    I also laughed at the guys ignoring the beautiful women ---yet you young gals got excited when you saw that young hunk on his surf ski......

    I say it's HOORAY for the girls!!!!! ha


  9. Goodness gracious me!

    William, why haven't you told your dear beloved wife that your camera takes photos from the front and also from the sides - shame on you!
    We have discussed this matter when we have held our "Secret Mens Consultation Meetings only"

    Be warned - the "Sisterhood" will be onto us, if you are not careful!
    Having viewed the photos sent, of course, anonymously! I think that the two fair maidens are from Copenhagen here on holidays - see the bag insignia!
    The two dark haired ladies are no doubt locals out for a stroll to be observed. The young man in black attire does not seem interested. Pity!

    "SMCM" member
    "Yellow socks"

  10. Julie,
    As Bill says we use Swiss cards. Ben still has sisters in Switzerland and he gets them to send him cards. Jass(pronounced Yuss) is a little bit like 500, except there are not bowers we have the trump Jack and nine as the highest cards. We score differently too. It is the value of the card not the tricks that are counted.There many other little quirky differences in the rules and scoring too. Its fun.

  11. I love that you guys enjoy life so much. You have great friends and fun adventures and a wonderful sense of humor! Age is about a lot more than how many years old you happen to be. You live young! :-)

  12. Hi Diane! Ageing is sad... ;))
    I recognized that Caville Avenue; having been there once twelve years ago, it's an achievement... ;))

    Blogtrotter 2 has moved to the Cayman Islands. Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  13. This citizenship thing is tricky, yes? I will set you a question at the end of this comment.

    The two men, Bill and Ben, you nominated as "Swiss boys". Is either of them naturalised?

    A good friend of mine left England aged 15 for NZ and left NZ aged 21 for Australia. She is now 64 and has been an Australian citizen for yonks. However, her true colours were nailed to the mast when the Lions were out here playing the Wallabies. So ...

    Which rugby team and which cricket team do you support when England plays Australia?

    Hard question, isn't it?

    I could also ask which tune tugs the heart strings the most: "Land of Hope and Glory: or "Waltzing Matilda"?

    However, you have Australian daughers and nearly an Australian grandson, so you both pass muster in my eyes!!

  14. Julie,
    If you could hear Mum's accent, there would be no mistaking her aa a True-Blue-dinkie-di Aussie!
    Ossie Ossie Ossie - Oi oi oi!

  15. Great commentary Diane. You had me laughing all the way through these smashing photographs.

  16. It looks so warm and pleasant there Diane! The red hat story made me laugh!