Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Friday, July 3, 2009


It was pouring with rain and darkness had fallen. The plane was delayed for two hours but at last our daughter, Sonya and Bernie arrived safely from Sydney after a bumpy landing in the bad weather. They came to visit Bernie's brother on the Sunshine Coast for the weekend, then Bernie had to fly back for work while Sonya came to spend a few days with us. We were excited to see them again.

Brisbane Airport

The Oldies

We took Sonya to our favourite restaurant. (same chin)

It is hard to believe that our baby is 35. (same nose and eyes)

Chinese BBQ Chicken

Coral Trout and vegetables in black bean sauce.

Noodles and Vegetables.

Too soon Sonya had to fly back to Sydney. Just as she was to leave for the airport, her bag handle broke. She quickly took everything out and tried to fix it.

Just as she was about to give up she and BB managed to remedy the problem.......

......Off to the airport

Bye Bye 'til next time. (snivvel, sob)

On Saturday they are both going to Thailand for a holiday. Sonya has a break from production managing at the Sydney Opera House and Bernie has a break from acting in the TV soap "Home and Away"


  1. That was certainly a wonderful day ! My son will be 36 in August, time flies by so fast. It seems to me it was yesterday I pushed him in a buggy !

  2. It is so wonderful when our children come home for a visit. My youngest son and his family are here right now too, and Momma Kat is in heaven for sure. Of course, Mackenzie, Joey and the new baby, Zach, are here with Nick and Mikayla.

    Glad you got to see your baby girl too. Hope she makes it back real soon again.

  3. Diane, It is great to have your daughter home for a visit even a short one. I can see the resemblance, she is a pretty "girl" but then she has good looking parents. Nice to meet your family!

  4. What a treat to have your daughter visiting for a while, Diane. She is a beautiful girl - you must be so proud of her.

  5. She is certainly gorgeous Diane and I can see the resemblance....
    So tell me, do you now watch Home and Away????....I never miss an episode

  6. Hey, this is in answer to the apricot pie - its 55 grams butter.

    Also, you have a lovely looking family.

    Have a good night (morning?)

  7. Like the others I can see the resemblance it is great that she was able to stay a few days. I don't know how I would feel if any of my kids moved that far away from me.