Brisbane, QLD

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Winter Picnic

On Sunday BB says, "Let's go to a computer market at Ipswich." I think, "Boring, boring." So I rang an old friend who lives on the other side of Ipswich, a city 30 mins west of Brisbane. I suggested we meet in Ipswich and have a picnic after the computer market. So Joan and Norm met us at the computer market. The boys went shopping, and we had a chat. BB bought some Ram but it didn't go baa baa it goes into one of his computers.

Then Joan and Norm took us to the new big Riverlink shopping centre and then across the river to..........

....the River Heart Parklands, where we had a simple winter picnic. Soup, bread roll, cheese and apple.

It was warm in the sun. After lunch we walked through the parklands along the bank of the Bremer River. It is hard to believe we are in the middle of a city and just across the river is a huge shopping centre.

There were many native plants. Ginger above.

There is a board walk along the river edge. Old friends Joan and Norm. We met them in Papua/ New Guinea 45 years ago.

Australian rivers flow a lot slower than European rivers but when we have tropical rain for days they flood and surge to the sea causing havoc on the way.
Above you can see how the trees have been bent over with the torrent during the last floods.
We returned via a higher path and came upon this.......
...lovely little stream with the most gorgeous sculptures of children playing.

Then we came to an unusual fountain which was hard to capture. It was like a huge stairway of concrete blocks with water running down the steps. Taken from the bottom.

Taken from the top.

Then it was fairwell friends and Ipswich.


  1. I love the statues. And I love that you have so many friends. I think that's great.

  2. The statues of children almost loooked liked faries. Sounds like a wonderful day -- all should be filled with such fun -- cm

  3. What a lovely place for a picnic..and what a great sounding menu as well! You have such glorious adventures and such great friendships! With BB's wonderful smile, who could resist?

  4. The boardwalk along the river is wonderful, what a great place to spend an afternoon. The sculptures of the children are delightful, great photos.

    All this and good friends, what more could anyone ask? Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Diane,
    On the squirrel photos, being the SquirrelQueen I can assure you the squirrel was not in danger.

    Our squirrels love to tease my kitty, they will wait until she gets almost to them before jumping into the trees. It is probably Cindi who is in more danger, they are fox squirrels and have very large claws. Also she is pretty much a house cat now.
    The cats in our neighborhood are well cared for and I have not seen a kitten or a stray cat in a really long time.
    There are two of us on my street who are very strong supporters of the local humane society.
    Thanks for the concern for our animal friends.

  6. Hi Diane, what a great time you had. Picnics are such a wonderful pastime, especially in the company of good friends and beautiful surroundings. Great photos of you, your friends, all of them. Those sculptures and the fountain were lovely.