Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Day, Another Park, Same River.

In the last post we walked along the Brisbane River in New Farm. On Thursday we walked along the same river but in the city at South Bank Park lands. We had to go to the city for a seminar promoted by our superannuation company. The speaker, Michael Pascoe, was interesting and entertaining. He basically was telling us how lucky we are as Australia's economy hasn't been hit as hard as other western countries and I guess we were supposed to feel happy even though we've lost thousands from our superannuation but then everyone is in the same boat and we just have to manage as best we can.

After the seminar, where we got a free lunch, we went for a walk ...........

...along the river in the park lands.
Looking across the river to the CBD
Looking up river......

........ and down river.

We walked through the arbor........
....and the mini rain forest......
.....past the swimming pool. Then we turned back .......

....past the tourist wheel and the.....
.......Performing Arts Centre (street side)

Performing Arts Centre (park side) At the back of the park is Little Stanley St. which is an eatery street under the shady trees, which is nice in summer but not today as it is very cold. (Brisbane cold 17C). The interior of the long apartment building was designed with the help of our daughter when she worked for Mirvac.


  1. You take such lovely photos of one of my favourite parts of Brisbane. They are almost enough to make me move there (17º in winter would be blissful), but it's those oh-so-hot-and-muggy days in summer that deter

    Is there ever a time when the Bouganvillea on the archway isn't in flower?

  2. I love how your 'winter' temperature is not far off our 'summer' temps! I think it was about 18 here the other day I still wore sandals to work! tee hee.

    I do love Brisbane in winter though. so sunny and bright. Miss you all.
    Carol xxx

  3. I want a ride on that wheel! I actually don't like them, but I like the view at the top. And I have to ride to get that. Life!

  4. Beautiful pictures of a lovely city on a beautiful day.

  5. What a lovely walk along the river. The photos are beautiful, I really like the mini rain forest.

  6. We recognized Brisbane river and excellence enviroment,thanks a lot your sharing.