Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We are very lucky to live in Queensland, where it doesn't really get very cold in winter. We get very hot summers so when the temperature drops to 10 C (50F) in the early mornings, we feel very cold. During the day it can reach 20C-25C (68F-78F) in Brisbane even hotter further north. Yesterday we went to Sandgate a northern suburb of Brisbane to have lunch on the beach with our son in law's parents, Alma and Bill.

Sandgate lies on the northern reaches of Moreton Bay. When it is high tide like this day it is beautiful.

Looking south along the walkway.

Looking north towards Redcliffe Peninsular.

It has become a tradition to have fish, chips and salad with Alma and Bill every now and then.

It got so warm and sunny we took off our jumpers and BB had to make a hat out of the chip bag to keep the sun off his face.

Enjoying the winter sun.

Gulls enjoying the sun.

A typical old "Queenslander" style house over looking the fabulous view of the bay.

(I forgot my camera so we used our phone cameras.)


  1. And we are happy to have 25 in summer, lol ! Here in Italy it's now very warm around 30°C, but apparently in Belgium too. We leave tomorrow and are going home !

  2. I want that house! Just like it is.

  3. Beautiful photos! I love the house and can imagine that the view is devine. I still have trouble remembering that full summer here is winter for you...although your 'winter' temps are pretty close to our summer ones here in the northern hemisphere!

  4. I want that house too Lucy. Can we share it?

  5. Hi Diane, thanks for "warming" the page for me... We also have winter here in South Africa now and whinge at -1°C. We have divine warm summers so cannot complain. The cold weather is necessary to kill all the germs and for me to keep out of the garden and get some indoor work done (Lol!)A belated happy birthday for last week; wow! a new camera. Your photos above are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. (((Hugs))) Jo

  6. Love the hat! He and I could join a crazy-hat parade!

    I would love that house in your last shot - very pretty and the beaches looked warn & inviting.

    I'll be away from Blogland for a few days but look forward to catching up - take care and give Bill a hug from Utah!

  7. Yes, we are blessed with our climat. A great day to have fish and chips on the beach. A lovely area with a view as far as the eye can roam. The old Queenslander is beautiful..the hat looks pretty good too. (tongue in cheek)!

  8. Hi Diane, wonderful photos, enjoyed them very much and I have missed visiting your blog. Want to thank you for visiting mine and leaving your lovely comments regarding my son's wedding. Coming back down to earth now I am :) and I am enjoying catching up. Happy Belated Birthday too by the way.

  9. Looks like a lovely day, and oh those fish and chips - I miss the decent f&c from home. The house is a stunner, who wouldn't want to park themselves there?