Burleigh Heads Beach, Queensland, Australia

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Twice in one Week

Now I bet that title had you wondering. No its not what you might be thinking it is actually two visits to Ipswich in one week and we hadn't been there once in the last 20 years or so. Its funny how things often happen like that. We were invited to lunch with other friends that we made years ago in Papua/New Guinea. We all belonged to the same Judo and Scooter clubs in P/NG which I wrote about here.Today two of our friends were passing through Brisbane after a trip to the northern tip of Australia. We picked them up at their hotel and took them to Ipswich where they had left their car with another friend from P/NG days. We were impressed with the views of Brisbane from their hotel room on the 24th floor.
North bank and CBD

There is a new foot bridge being built to link the CBD with South Bank, the cultural centre of Brisbane. There you will find: The Gallery of Modern Art, the State Library, the Museum, the Art Gallery, the Opera House, Theatres, Cinemas, restaurants, the Conservatorium, the Convention Centre and the Parklands.

Two other bridges upstream. The Old William Jolly Bridge sometimes called the Grey St Bridge and the rail bridge in the background. So after oohing and aahing over the view we took Diana and Graham to Ipswich where we met Del and Merle and went to the local Tavern for lunch.
Tomorrow Diana and Graham head home to Tamworth in NSW. We will all get together again in April next year for some more talk about the good old days.


  1. Diane, tongue in cheek! Great pictures, your new camera works very well. Is it the camera or the photgrapher? I have not see Brissy from above for a long time. It really has become a Metropolis, so it has since a long time more then 50'000 inhabitants! It is nice to meet up with friends from long ago.

  2. It often works out that way doesn't it, and we get the benefit by seeing more of that beautiful city and seeing you with your good friends. Have a great weekend Diane.

  3. Actually, Titania,these pics were taken with our little Sony Cyber shot My new canon SLR is too big to take to restaurants and I'm still reading up how to use it.

  4. Hi Diane,

    Wonderful photos of a great area.
    Thank you for helping me with links. When I click on the link you included in your comment it goes to an error page. If you want you can email it to me. spirithelpers at gmail dot com

    Thank you.

  5. Colin sent me your blog and I must say I am enjoying it very much.
    Colin as in huggibear.

    I have joined your list and added you to my favorites!


  6. How funny! 2 visits - you know things happen in 3's so I guess you'll be going again :-)

    Wonderful views along with great descriptions!
    Thanks for taking us along ;-)

  7. Nothing like a little carry-in-your-pocket camera for those quick shots. All of mine are taken with just such a camera, although I have posted a few of Richard's photos of our trip, taken with his new SLR. I actually think mine compare very favourably with his.....but I could be biased, of course....lol.

    I always enjoy shots of Brisbane.

  8. That is a beautiful view of the area, very nice photos.
    The last photo is great. Getting together with friends is always fun.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Lovely photos. I need a new little digital camera because like you I find my SLR one is too big in many places and cases. Funny reading you went to Ipswich because one of my sons his partner and their children went there last weekend for a visit.
    Nice to be able to catch up next year to talk about the 'good old days'. I hear my sons say 'the good old days' and they are only in their 20's.... :)

  10. Great photos from the past and present Diane. The memories are still there at our wonderful reunions.