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Lamington National Park, South East Queensland.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


We belong to the local U3A (University of the Third Age) Camera Club and this week we went photo hunting in Daisy Hill Forest. We are so lucky that this forest is only a 15 minute walk from home or a 3 min drive.

 There are many hiking tracks through the forest but we chose an easy board walk through the Melaleuca  swamp. Melaleuca trees sometimes called paper bark trees like having their roots in wet ground.

 Roy has found a moss covered log to shoot.

 We were concentrating on close ups today it was fun watching the happy snappers searching for shots.

 Then we strolled through the picnic area. You can tell we have had lots of rain. I have never seen the park so green. Everyone commented on how relaxing, calm and serene it made you feel.

 We spotted some wallabies. They don't come into the picnic grounds as much as they did in the dry season, obviously they have plenty of grass on the forest floor. That is also the reason that Fat Butt doesn't visit me as often.

 "Don't shoot the wallaby!"

 A table waiting for a picnic.

We had a picnic sandwich and a cuppa before we made a group photo on the amphitheatre steps usually used by school classes and other groups for seminars on the environment.


  1. Golly what a raggle-taggle mob is that last photo. They need an Infants Mistress to whup them inter shape, pronto ...

    I cannot believe the hassles your chidlers are having getting to the good ole US of A. Must be driving them beserk!!

  2. The rain has at least made the woods green.

  3. So pretty! I wish I could just sit on one of those picnic tables and listen to the silence. So that's where melaleuca comes from. I think the home base for Melaleuca Products is in Idaho. I've used some of them. But not enough to know if it's the 'miracle' I'm always looking for.

    I know it's out there somewhere. (the miracle) :)

  4. What a beautiful forest setting. My kind of soul-space, for sure! Glad you had a such a happy outing :)

  5. Julie: I purposely asked them to look casual and not formal. One other lady wanted a group photo and she did the infant mistress thingy but not me thats too boring...gotta look natural.

  6. That was a good twist Diane - you taking photos of the others taking photos ;-)

    A nice spot to visit too. Very peaceful.

  7. One of my pals has joined the U3A here in the UK and she loves it - another reason to look forward to retirement! xxxx

  8. Your camera club had a beautiful day and a beautiful place for their hike. I think it's wonderful that you are part of a group of camera enthusiasts who can do things together and learn from each other.

  9. I just wanted to write a very angry and protesting comment about hunting when I saw that you were photo hunting, lol !
    I didn't know Wallabies, I always thought they were kangaroos !
    Your wood looks now like ours here ! with all that green !

  10. HI There, We are home after a few days with friends in North Carolina.

    Love seeing the pictures from the places where one of your camera club goes... I love seeing all of the GREEN --since winter is still with us and things are BROWN up here... Love those ferns.

    Hope you are having a good week.

  11. That looks like a wonderful forest. Is it preserved by the government as a natural place, a park? Or is it privately owned and used for the kiddies and for your adult outings? I would like to go there. Very peaceful.

  12. I love your photos and I just love taking photos and sharing them with friends and family.


  13. Hello: Oh I so would love to be on that hike with you. Beautiful.

  14. What a gorgeous place! You are lucky to be so close.

  15. Great photos Diane
    Love the last photo, but the old bloke on the right looks pretty "KNACKERED" to me. Hope he recovered????

    Colin (HB)

  16. Could there be a better place to live for a photographer -- or any nature lover? Can't believe you're minutes away from this jewel. Some of it looks a lot like our Florida swamps"...well, except for the Wallabys of course.

  17. It looks so lush after all the rain and lovely the way the sun filters through the trees. Looks like a fun outing with like-minded people.

  18. Anyone who lives near a wooded area should spend time under the tall trees. I loved the photo of the path that was edged by those very straight and tall trees. What sort of trees are they? Rain is a necessary thing and there is always too little or too much. I am glad that your abundance resulted in lots of very green grass for the animals.

  19. I was trying to imagine one of our walks and coming across a wallaby. What a thrill that would be. It looks like a beautiful area.

  20. Gattina: Wallabies belong to the kangaroo family. There are many different kinds of kangaroos.There are huge ones and very tiny ones, the wallaby is a middle sized one.
    Mountain Thyme: Yes it is a state owned forest and protected.
    Lori: Those tall tree are Eucalyptus Trees commonly called Gum Trees. There are hundreds of different species.
    Denise: It is like us imagining meeting a deer, bear or squirrel.

  21. What an amazing place you have so close to home. It is a beautiful forest and so lush and green.

    A perfect place for you camera club's outing, it is a photographer's dream.

  22. Oh such a lovely place to visit and so close by. Now I know what
    U3A menas:)

  23. lovely photos as usual Diane. i can almost smell the fresh clean purified air. :)

  24. What a lovely place to take photos! I wish I could find a camera club like yours as it must be fun to do this as a group and exchange tips and photos.

  25. I was so interested to see your photos taken on a U3A excursion - I attend the U3A here in Adelaide
    and just love the diversity of subjects - it's a wonderful organisation.


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