Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, October 29, 2023


We went to our local lake, Dennis Lake, named after the first settlers in this area and who built the original dam wall to collect water for their animals and orchards. Bill wanted to take some photos to practice editing with our new Luminar Neo program. Unfortunately it was an overcast windy day, not too pleasant. I even dug out my Canon camera for change instead of using the iPhone 12 Pro. However, I have forgotten  how to manually adjust the camera and the old brain is slowly learning the editing program. Hopefully I will improve.
When we arrived we saw that the lake is partially covered with lots of yellow water lilies. It looked very pretty.

I had to zoom in a long way to the other side of the lake to capture some of the visiting Magpie Geese. I think the male is courting her but she's not interested and flies off.

She flies to a tiny island with two sad little trees that have been there for many years and look like they are struggling to stay alive. No rain isn't helping either.

We walked along the path across the dam wall to see some turtles. The ibis was checking them out too. These birds have become a prolific pest in urban areas and have earned the nickname 'bin chickens'.

There were loads of turtles on the logs and under the water.

There was a Magpie Goose having a snooze on the log. A couple with a dog walked past and when the dog barked the goose popped up its head just long enough for a quick snap.

Trying to remember how to use a camera again.

Bill trying to remember how to walk again.

There are nice homes around the lake. This one has just been built. It is huge.


  1. Looks a lovely Lake Diane, and especially all those lilies, beautiful.
    I often use my phone these days to take photos but still use my cameras as well.

  2. It is so annoying when you know how to do something tech, don't do it for a long time and have to learn all over again.
    I just checked and turtles can hold their breath for anywhere between 40 minutes and a few hours, depending on conditions and species, so there isn't drowning in your photo.
    I looks like an interesting walk and the house sits very nicely in its surrounds.

  3. Such a nice and peaceful looking walking area! Glad to see your Bill up and at 'em!

  4. Good to see Bill up and about so well. I think you got some good photos despite forgetting how to use the camera.

  5. Beautiful views, the waterlilies are lovely. I like the goose and the Ibis and the turtles. A lovely walk.
    Take care, have a happy day and a great new week!

  6. i have not used a DSLR camera for about 5 years, would not know how and even the point and shoot doesn't work well, maybe its old or the fact i am old. we have as many as 2 dozen Ibis in our front yard quite often, only once in the tree. we have to watch out for low flying ibis when driving. It is good so see Bill walking and you snapping. have fun relearning to walk and take photos

  7. Me encanta Diane. Precioso está todo que maravilla de naturaleza. Una tortuga posó para ti. Pronto se recuerda como funciona la cámara. Que bien se ve a Bill y cada día irá mejor.
    Que paséis buen domingo.
    Un abrazo.

  8. With phone cameras being so good these days, it's no wonder you don't use your camera so much. Good photos despite the tech problems. I like the yellow water lilies everywhere. It would be so exciting for me to see an ibis so it's interesting to hear the local views about them.

  9. You got great photos, all very interesting. Camera adjustments and I do not get along lately. So good to see Bill out for a walk.

  10. I seldom use my phone camera but I am sure it would not take me long before I forgot camera settings if I did. Are those water lilies not taking over? I love the turtles. Great to see Bill out walking. Wish we could send you some of our rain!!
    Take care and enjoy the beautiful places around where you live. Cheers t'other Diane

  11. I use my iphone camera all the time now. Recently I dug my old DSLR camera out to see I could learn it again but haven't progressed. I have never seen turtles like that.


  12. I love the little turtle head smiling out of the water ! What a shot ! You just caught the right moment ! I think Bill and I would make a nice pair walking together like two drunken sailor ! I am not getting better I get worse !

  13. I think you've got some great photographs here, I enjoyed them.

    All the best Jan

  14. I am so happy to see Bill out walking again. Real progress.
    I just can't seem to learn new things or relearning things like I used to.. This Old Gray Mare she ain't what she used to be!
    Love your photos anyway, especially the lillies and turtles.
    Enjoy your day

  15. That's lovely to have all that nearby nature to practice walking, photography, and just plain joy! I think you did well in learning/relearning -- the photos look great to me. Only I remember in the past saying to you that you two are real photographers, while I take snapshots. So I can sort of imagine that you may not be as happy with these results as I would be. .. It is really good news that Bill is walking and happy to learn new tech stuff. ...

  16. So exotic and so lovely...and I can COMMENT! using Chrome.

  17. Your photos are beautiful I love water lilies and it looks you have plenty there. The trutles are gorgeous as well What a great place to hang out

  18. Diane, it was wonderful to read about and see photos of the outing you and Bill took to Dennis Lake. I know what you mean about re-learning how to use a camera as the iPhones are so handy and something that is always with us. Fun to see the sunning turtles too.

  19. Diane, like you, I took my camera out this fall after not touching it for about 2 years. Of course, I couldn't remember the dials and buttons. I tell myself it's good for my aging brain. I love the water lilies. Bill has made an amazing recovery. (Thank Goodness) I wish you rain.