Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, November 9, 2023


 The Melbourne Cup is a famous horse race in Australia. It is called "the race that stops a nation" because everyone stops what they are doing at 3 o'clock on the first Tuesday in November to watch this race. The people in Melbourne have a holiday and many celebrations throughout the day. The rest of the country celebrates too except the animal liberation protestors. I must admit I'm not a fan of horse racing but I enjoy the celebrations. Our village puts on a prawn and chicken lunch every year. We are encouraged to dress loud and proud. Fascinators and hats are an important part of dress on the day. A lady in our village makes hundreds of hats and rents them out to villagers. She gives the money to an animal shelter.

Volunteers run the sweeps, where we buy tickets with horses names on it but you don't know the name  of the horses until you open the tickets. If your horse comes first, second or third you win some money.

The lady with the black hat is Annie, the one who makes all the hats.

Here are a few that were left over.

Nanette made all the salads. The chicken and prawns were bought from the shops.

The best dressed prize went to Terry and Liz.

Most of us watched the race on the big screen. The horses were just going into the stalls.

Some watched on the TV in the library area.

Kathleen got excited when number three hit the front.

That night I received a photo from Sonya, our daughter in Melbourne. She had been invited to go to the posh Chairman's Club with friends who were friends of the trainer of the horse that won the race. He let his friends hold the prestigious Melbourne Cup, made of gold and worth $660k. What an amazing experience for her.


  1. Like the way you all enter into the spirit of the event and get dressed up.

  2. How wonderful to be able to hold the cup without the expense of owning a racehorse!

  3. Oh my, you do have a rather terrific fascinator.
    What a great experience for Sonya.

  4. Love everything about your day of celebration. The meal looks delicious and fun that everyone dresses up. I love the idea of renting the hats and having the money go to a good cause.

  5. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Horse racing was so much part of my life. I worked in racing stables when I first left school, and then my father took out a trainers licence. I also did a lot of amateur racing. I hope all is well, cheers, t'other Diane

  6. You all look lovely. I do like the both of you in the same colour hats, looks great.
    A good time was had by all it seems, and the food does look nice..Sonia is looking neat too.

  7. Alegría diversión y buen menú para celebrar un gran día. Me gustan los sombreros y esos vestidos animados. Gracias Diane por compartir vuestro alegre día.
    Buen fin de semana.
    Un abrazo.

  8. That sounds like quite the event! I love the fact that your daughter was able to hold the cup, what an experience!

  9. Hello,
    The race looks like a fun time. Cute photo of your daughter holding the Melbourne Cup.
    Take care, have a great weekend!

  10. Good times, good food, good friends--you have it all, Diane! The Kentucky Derby is the big horserace over here with much of the same celebration. Sonya looks so pretty! It sounds like she had a very special time at the race.

  11. I had been trying to use the browser Microsoft Edge and it does not let me comment. But Google does!!

  12. A very handsome couple in the first photo. Holding the cup ... that would be an experience to remember.

  13. I am like you I don't like the race (poor horses) but all the festivities around ! And then that Sonya could hold the cup is wonderful, of course you must be very proud ! Still 2 days and I am in my "castle" together with my bronchitis ! What a year !

  14. How Fun for you all!! Love all the hats...And that trophy!!!

  15. What a(nother) fun gathering, Diane, and great to see you and Bill, both happy and smiling! Hope that your horse had a good showing. Those home-made hats were wonderful and even better that Annie donates all the rental proceeds to an animal shelter.

  16. Most people don't wear fancy hats these days, except for Cup Day (and weddings). The hats in your photos look perfect.

  17. Looks like a lot of fun was had :)

    How amazing for your daughter to hold the cup.

    All the best Jan

  18. Great photos of another fun event. How lovely to see Sonya holding the cup. One for the memory banks for her too.