Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, October 15, 2023


 Our village social committee organised a bus tour for us to visit Tamborine Mountain, which is the name of a small town in the mountains. Our mountains are not very high but high enough to make the temperatures cooler than here on the coast. It is situated in the hinterland of the Gold Coast and is only an hour's drive from Brisbane. As you drive up the winding road the eucalyptus forests change into rainforest populated with a big variety of flora and fauna.

There are a plethora of walking tracks in the National Park, which was the first one in Queensland in 1908. The area has a history of farming, and timber getting but now it is a tourist destination for hikers, bird watchers and lovers of nature.  The local council have not allowed tourist attractions that spoil the natural environment. However, there is a treetop walk on a swinging bridge. When we were younger we often did hikes with the children. When we had overseas visitors we would take them there to experience a rainforest.
A photo from 2018 which was our last hike with visitors.

But now that we are over 80 we go to see other things. The area attracts artists, craft makers, wine makers and accommodation for holiday makers. So now there is a Gallery Walk in the main street. showcasing some of these activities. That is where our bus is heading. So no energetic hiking just a stroll down the Gallery Walk and then lunch at Cedar Creek Winery.

Besides galleries there are many shops selling just about everything and many coffee shops.

First up we had a coffee and a browse through the attached gift shop. I left Bill in the coffee shop with his friend, Patrick and I went to check out the Gallery Walk.

I found a Fudge shop with 40 different flavours.
How could I resist. I bought chocolate flavour and Turkish Delight.

It was time to walk back to the bus to go to lunch at a winery.

I was so proud of Bill who came without his walker and managed with a stick.

Lunch wasn't anything to write home about.

After lunch we walked to Frog Hollow to see a display of local frogs.

Then it was home after a big day out for us oldies.


  1. this is a trip i would really like, would love that view from the coffeee shop, so beautiful, the shop and windows and view. this is more what i can do now, no long hikes in the woods. i would very much enjoy frog hollow. I am so glad to see Bill walking and able to take the bus trip with you.

  2. That was a nice excursion ! I am counting the days today in one month I will move ! It's amazing how Bill recovered ! Wonderful ! I hope I will find my own self once settled in my castle !

  3. Hello,
    What a nice tour and outing. I am glad Bill is doing so well. The swinging bridge sounds fun but I am sure the Gallery walk was just as enjoyable. Love the cute frogs and your photos. Take care, have a great week!

  4. Galleries, coffee shops, wineries and gifts shops.. I would go there every summer holidays :)

  5. Looks a good day out - I enjoyed your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  6. Road trips are always fun it only for a change of scenery.

  7. Lovely photos. Wonderful Bill walked without his walker and yes people do get reliant on walkers, so that's just great news Diane, made my day :)
    Lovely up that mountain, have been there a few times over the years and it looks as if it's changed as one would expect it to.

  8. Good to see Bill doing so well. Lots for you to see and do on that day trip.

  9. LOL this brings back some amazing memories. Many years ago when visiting SIL and family, we all went to see Tambourine Mountain when we had planned to have a week at our timeshare on the Gold Coast. BIL was navigating and we went up Tambourine mountain 3 times on the same road!! We all ended up giggling as we kept shouting "saw that house a few minutes ago". Never the less we had a good week, other than I put my back out and could hardly get in the car to go to the Dr who did not approve of chiropractors, he only gave me anti inflammatory tabs. The last few day of the holiday were not so good. Once back in RSA I saw a chiropractor was fixed immediately!!
    Sorry have not blogged since August far too busy in the house and the garden, will get back to it very soon I hope.
    Take care, cheers t'other Diane

  10. Glad to see that Bill was out and about on this trip, Diane. At any age it is good to be able to get out if even for a day trip. Too bad the lunch was disappointing.

  11. That looks like a wonderful trip. I'm glad to see Bill up and about on his own with the aid of a stick. He is doing well. I love the forest, especially a rain forest. The air is always fresh and cool.

  12. Glad you could get out and see the sights and that your Hubby was able to get around with his stick.
    So sorry that the lunch was a dud. Sometimes large group outings don't have the best meals when it is mass produced but at least you were with friends and had a good day.

  13. Me alegra ver así a a Bill . Con paciencia y voluntad recuperará más Diane. Lo viví con mi padre y se recuperó. Que bonita excursión. Me gusta la naturaleza y el lugar es precioso. Lindas esas ranitas verdes
    Buena noche.
    Un abrazo

  14. Oh the frog place would have kept me for hours and tropical rain forests on the side of mountains are very exotic for me.

  15. wow what a fantastic trip to a beautiful area. love this pretty place with the yummy fudge and gorgeous winery. Love the frog place and the frogs as well.

  16. So glad your Bill is recovering! and those photos are wonderful! Love the trees!

  17. I have always enjoyed my visits to Tamborine Mountain, it is a special place and a great place for a day trip.

  18. Lovely photos Diane and happy to see that Bill is getting out. Your community has really nice outings.

  19. Glad to see Bill navigating with just a cane. Let's see - coffee, chocolate, lunch, wine - that sounds about right to me!