Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, October 7, 2023


 It's a long time since I have added to "My Story" where I have been scanning old photos and remembering my past. I have published it in a series of books but still haven't quite finished. I used to write it here first and then make a book but after a while I changed the system and just went straight into the book. But I'm going to continue here with snippets from the past.

Back in 1984 Just after my father had died, I promised my mother to take her on holidays. She always wanted to visit the Whitsunday Islands on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of northern Queensland.

So during the school holidays I took her and the girls to Lindeman Island. Bill had to work but he had recently been on a trip to Fiji, as a reward for using York equipment at work.

We flew to Proserpine and then caught a ferry to the island. The water was blue as blue and the weather was perfect even though it was winter. We stayed in a nice resort and it catered for families. There was a kid's club and loads of activities for everyone.

The kids go on a boat ride to a camping spot and stay overnight.

They loved playing in the pool and making friends. They were 10 and 12.

Feeding the Lorikeets.

We went on hikes through the National Park

Mum enjoyed her island holiday. 
One day we went on a launch trip around some other islands in the Whitsunday group. Daydream Is, South Molle Is, Hayman Is, and Shaw Is. We didn't do them all far too many. It was a great experience and beautiful scenery.

The resort on Lindeman was owned by P&O shipping line then but it was sold to Club Med in 1992. However, the resort was closed in 2012 after being destroyed by Cyclone Yasi. It was purchased by a Chinese Company, which was going to redevelop the site but the project failed. It was bought this year by a Singaporian family but there is still no redevelopment. We were lucky to be able to enjoy the place back in 1984.


  1. You have such great photos. Keep them coming along with the interesting associated memories.

  2. Good to see you all enjoying the Island. Nice photos too.
    I remember the Island as in it's name, always advertising trip to it years ago.

  3. The resort on Lindeman that was owned by P&O shipping line was delightful. I cannot imagine why it hasn't been rebuilt.

  4. Oh Diane...How fun that trip must have been...I'm envious!

  5. photos are the pilot light of memories! that is so true. I have been doing the same as you with old photos found in my brothers closet. each photo reminds me of something we did or saw. good idea to have the books and the online stories

  6. It is nice to go back in memories of nice hollidays with the kids. Sad the resort was destroyed by a Cyclone.

  7. Love the old photos and seeing your family circa 1984! Hope you're enjoying your spring and have gotten some rain!

  8. I fondly remember our visit to the Whitsunday's. We didn't get to stay on a lovely island but took a joy flight over them. It is sad to see the resorts not continuing but those that still exist seem to be so expensive it is hard to see how they can complete with options like Bali.

  9. That looks and sounds like a truly wonderful holiday. I believe the Queensland Government has purchased/reclaimed Lindeman Island so hopefully it can be reopened. In my eyes (not a fan of the heat) winter it the perfect time to visit.

  10. What would we do without photographs to remind us of all these happy times spent together as a family. I love these posts about your life

  11. Always good to look back on old photographs.

    All the best Jan

  12. I need to do some looking back but time has not been on my side this year. The house and garden taking up more time than normal with the successful crop of vegetables and fruits. It is two months since I have done a blog.
    Lovely post and great memories for you. Take care, cheers, t'other Diane

  13. Hello!, I stopped by through my cousin's blog. It looks like it must have been a very beautiful place. Your children would have been at that perfect age to fully enjoy it and you were able to capture some really wonderful moments and memories of your family. Such a blessing as the years go by.

  14. You were really lucky, looks like the perfect place for holidays ! A pity that it doesn't exist anymore. When I hear "Club Med" I found this club awful ! At least here in Europe, it was French and all posh people went there only to say they had been with the club med. French tourists are awful, even the French say it !

  15. Happy memories. Sad the hurricane destroyed it, but it couldn't take away your good memories and pictures!