Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


While I was in Sydney last week i not only visited a house where I used to live in 1963 but I also visited "The Australian School of Pacific Administration" (ASOPA) where I studied to be a teacher for Papua new Guinea in 1962/3. Back then, the school was a collection of old buildings that had been used as an army training centre during the second world war. But, it was situated on the most scenic bit of land on Middle Head jutting out into Sydney Harbour/Port Jackson.
ASOPA in the 60's
I took this shot of the first few buildings of the school in 1962.

In 2005 we had our second reunion with the teacher training students called Cadet Education Officers. We went back to the school and we were saddened to see it was no longer being used and the buildings were in a very bad state. So much so that we were prevented from going in them for safety reasons.

Last week when I visited the old school it had been renovated and turned into a business park. This sign greeted us in the car park giving a map and list of businesses. It was so good to see the place had been brought back to life. The buildings seemed to  have more glass, covered walkways and lovely gardens. Better than when I was studying there.

I took this photo from about the same place as those above but the gardens hid the buildings.

So I walked behind the trees to try and capture a shot to compare with my 1962 shot. (The second one from the top)

I think this was the Library or the Admin block in the 60's.

The same block today.

None of these fancy walkways and nice gardens when we were there.

This was our rec room and canteen. In summer we would sit outside on the lawns to eat lunch and look at the beautiful view.

The view from the lawn in the 60's

The view from the same place today. We walked to the bottom of the lawn and found a board walk to a lookout. In the old days we would walk through the bush down to a little beach for evening sing alongs.
My daughter Carol came with Bill and me.

Carol looking towards Sydney CBD.

This is looking the other way towards the Sydney Heads with the famous Manly Ferry on its way across the heads to Manly. (A great trip if you are ever in Sydney)
It was a lovely trip down memory lane.


  1. fantastic Dianne enjoying these tales

  2. What a fabulous position with views in both directions ... I guess the land would now be worth a mint.
    But for you - a place of many memories and how lovely to enjoy it with Carol and Bill.

  3. Thank the heavens that the Commonwealth Government stood up to developers - not sure what year
    or what Party. Now it has a REAL purpose and retains it's natural beauty.

  4. It is good that the building have been restored and are back in use. It is interesting that you have the before and after photos. We loved the trip on the Manly ferry when we were there :-) Have a good week t'other Diane.

  5. I love the comparison photos. you have done an excellent job of standing in the same position to take the views of the bay. Glad they have renovated the buildings and they have come back to life again.

  6. It is nice they renovated the buildings and kept them, I like the way back to memory lane.

  7. I like that the place has been given a new life. It is cool seeing the before and after photos. I love the pretty views of the water. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  8. i like the changes they made, sometimes when they update and remodel old things they ruin it, but this looks like they did a fantastic job turning it into a businss park.

  9. lovely photos and nice memories from your youth

  10. Good memories Diane.
    Nice to know what is was like back then, to see the photos and to see now.

  11. Nice to see they've restored and the gardens are wonderful.

  12. Great memories, the houses restored, looks a lovely place to return to and reminiscent.

  13. How nice that the buildings have a new life and purpose. And that you got to see them again! Another stroll down Memory Lane.....

  14. I bet it all looked a bit smaller.

  15. I think it is cool to be able to go back and see how things have changed for the better or the worse, sadly often it is for the worse.

  16. Hoorah! So glad they renovated and are using the campus again. That must have been a wonderful feeling after thinking it might all go downhill. So beautiful and green!

  17. What fun! You CAN go home again after all! Or at least back to school)) . It's great that they repurposed and renovated these nice buildings... A lovely place now... And a fun one back then !