Underwood Park, QLD

Monday, April 15, 2013


Glen Innes is one of the highest towns in Australia
 and its citizens are very proud of their Celtic origins
On Sunday afternoon we pulled into the town of Glen Innes on our road trip to Tamworth and Hunter Valley. We found a Motel for the night and then looked for somewhere to eat. That was a little tricky because some country towns close up on Sunday. The only place open was McDonalds, (not one of our favourite places to eat) but when you're hungry and nothing else is open a burger will have to do.
We bumped into Del and her sister, Merle another couple on their way to the reunion in Tamworth. After a chat with them I took a walk to explore the town centre.

The National Bank
 The sun was disappearing but I was enthralled with the old buildings in the town centre which was basically one main street with some big roundabouts. 
The Town Hall

The  Town Hall from the other side of the road.

One of the many old hotels.

For Rent. Hopefully the new tenants will repaint this old beauty.

The Post Office
All these building are from the late 1800's or early 1900's and are still in use today. I got the feeling that this town was trapped in a time warp. Have you noticed the lack of people or even life?

The main street in Glen Innes on a Sunday afternoon.
 It looks like a ghost town.


  1. They have a MacDonalds so it can't be too small or dead -- just on Sunday afternoons.

    Your photos of the town are lovely. I really enjoy your take on these towns that I either have visited or am likely to visit. It looks well kept.

  2. i love the town and all those old buildings and love love love the fact it is empty of people. my kind of town. and perfect for photography. i like that second shot a lot.a place i would like to see

  3. That National Bank building is very impressive but I'm wondering if there's any people around to make deposits. Definitely not your get-up-and-go sort of town. Thankfully you found a McDonalds.
    Happy travelling!

  4. Looks like they take their Sunday "day of rest" seriously there. I kind of like that!

  5. Such beautiful - and solid - buildings from a century ago, but a dinkum country town is utterly dead on Sunday. Usually at home or playing sport!

  6. each building is just GORGEOUS! so nice to see them preserved and utilized!

  7. Wow--things really do close up on a Sunday afternoon, don't they? Can't believe that there weren't any restaurants open... MacDonald's is one of our LEAST favorite places to go also.


  8. The last time I went through GI it was also Sunday pm and I was devastated that not only the bakery, but several promising-looking antique shops were closed!! But all was not lost - I got a Celtic Glitter Mug from the Visitor Info Centre!!!

  9. Wonderful to see the old buildings and know they are still in use.
    That last shot is indeed very lifeless. Reminds me of here many many years ago when everything was closed on Sunday. It's nice to take those photos of the old places without the distractions of people though. :)

  10. This is a very pretty little town. The buildings are grand -- I'm glad they are still in use and have been so well maintained. I guess it was a good thing McDonald's was open that evening.

  11. Pretty place and being so high, the temperatures would be lower. It seems to well maintained. Wealthy farming area surrounding it, perhaps.

  12. LOvely old buildings, but yeah, the town looks like a movie set or something. Did you figure out where all the people were? (Hope they weren't spirited away by aliens.)

  13. Really lovely old buildings! And you weren't kidding when you said the town closed up shop on Sunday's.
    They obviously take great pride... not a single piece of litter in sight.

  14. looking a neat and tidy town and I love the old bank being kept so stately. I bet it's a little crisp at night?

  15. I was looking for the two gunmen facing each other off at high noon. That last pic sure is devoid of life. Nice old buildings though.

  16. Reminds me a lot of Dubbo. I would have headed for the nearest hotel. They are the best for food in country towns, I reckon.

  17. Remarkably well preserved - and a little bit weird at the same time.