Burleigh Heads Beach, Queensland, Australia

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The internet was so slow in the Hunter Valley that I gave up blogging on the road. We are home now
and I will continue with our trip. On the last day in Tamworth our friends, Dianna and Graham showed us around the town. It is a bustling country town famous for its Country Music festival every year and its equestrian events.

It was the last day of our reunion too. So our little group of ex Judo Club and Scooter Club members posed for our 2013 photo. Graham took the shot.

Penny, who belongs to choirs suggested that our theme song should be "Stayin' Alive". We all thought this very appropriate for our aged group. Every meal together we toasted to "Stayin' Alive"

Main street Tamworth
Old and new council chambers.
The new Equestrian and Livestock Centre
Inside the Equestrian Centre
I liked the bright orange seating.
Afterwards we went to visit the Botanic Gardens
 The gardens mostly comprised of native flora.

Grevillea and bees
Finally we drove up to the lookout where you can see over the whole town of Tamworth. Then we headed back to our motel for a rest before our Farewell Reunion Dinner at the Cattleman's Restaurant (Where else when in cattle country?)

 Yes and we toasted to "Stayin' Alive". Unfortunately the Bee Gee twins haven't stayed alive. Did you know that they started their career in Oz and I saw them perform on the Gold Coast when they were children?


  1. stayin alive is great since we can see all this beauty.. love those orange chairs and the brick sidewalks with all that flora around. beautiful buildings and oh how much fun you had.

  2. That indeed looks like a very fun place to visit! Love the giant guitar.

  3. I have an earworm now, but that's OK, because indeed 'Stayin' Alive' is a great theme for our particular demographic! And I actually always liked the BeeGees.

    Nice scenes of cattle/country music country~ that is a massive guitar!

  4. what a great arena! love the garden, too, but that big golden guitar takes the cake!

  5. Love the old council chambers and think that visiting Tamworth (not yet done by moi) would be best when the country music festival *isn't* on :)

  6. Yes, as Kath says, best avoided when the twanging music is happening, but clearly the event pulls in a lot of people and the town looks prosperous.

    Trivia, the Bee Gees family home in Brisbane? burnt down. Melbourne ABC breakfast broadcaster Red Symons travelled out from England on the same ship as they did when they emigrated.

    Looks pretty dry in Tamworth.

  7. Stayin' Alive is a PERFECT song for me too.... As we age, our goal is to STAY ALIVE....

    Tamworth looks like an incredible place.. Glad you enjoyed it so much.. Looks like the group had a great time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Tamworth looks a lot bigger than I thought it would be - enjoyed looking around, ta.

  9. Sounds like another fun day during your trip, Diane! I use to love the Bee Gees. I think it is everyone's goal "Stayin Alive". Have a great day and week ahead!

  10. Great you have seen the Bee Gees in reality! I have sweet memories of that time too. I still like that music. Nice to have such a joyful time with old friends.

  11. Tamworth looks like a neat place for a reunion. I really like the theme song you've chosen for your group.

  12. Tamworth is a lovely town I have a cousin who lives out that way, I like the big guitar............

  13. There's a lot more to Tamworth than I knew! We have driven few a few times but never stopped for more than a quick picnic.

  14. Great pictures on Tamworth Diane. Looked like another fun trip. There used to be a Tamworth near where I grew up in Staffordshire, just under 30 miles away. I seem to remember visiting it on occasion.

  15. We have an information advert on main stream TV about resusitation techniques which uses the 'Staying alive' music. Apparently the beat is exactly the timing you need to do chest compressions on an adult. Good way to remember. So everytime I see that advert now I will remember your reunion in Tamworth!

  16. Oh Diane, I'm going to be humming Stayin' Alive the rest of the evening. This looks like a lovely town. I love the view from the lookout.

  17. As always, your photos are gorgeous. I love the giant guitar. We have a Toe Truck (tow truck) here that is a favorite of mine, and I love to see restaurants or gas stations that are made in the shape of a teapot or boots and a hat. Do you have much of that sort of quirky architecture in Australia?

  18. I have spent the night in Tamworth on many occasions ... it being the perfect distance between Sydney and Brisbane ... but I haven't explored the town ever. The only thing is recognise is that big guitar.

  19. tamworth looks like a beautiful place to visit...a must-see.

    i thoroughly enjoyed your post/photos, dear diane. makes me want to go there.

    i'm glad you've had a great time.

    happy weekend~

    big hugs~

  20. Hi Diane, I should be drawing up Guest House menus and also starting on my next article for an adventure mag in SA, but here I am reading all your interesting posts! I love the beautiful town of Tamworth, the great wooden guitar caught my eye on my dashboard! I can't wait to tell Grant that the BeeGees started their career in Oz! He won't know that one! What blogging does to keep us "staying alive oldies" bright and breezy, hey! Great post as always. Have a good day. Jo