Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, September 15, 2012


When I returned from our trips earlier this year my garden was looking tatty from neglect. I have been doing a little each day to try and restore it. Just as I'm doing this the weather decided to dry up. We haven't had rain for 2 or 3 months. So my efforts have been cancelled out by the lack of rain. Almost everything is looking dry and half dead. My water tank is empty from me trying to keep water on the plants. So now I use our connected water but we have restrictions.

However some of the flowers are making a stella effort to look pretty, after all it is Spring. The weather is beautiful for being outside. Clear blue skies, sunshine and temperatures in the low 20's C. Here are a few shots of my Azaleas and Daisies.


  1. Very pretty Diane. Gosh that's a long time with no rain at all. Hope it rains soon for everyone's sake but no floods.

  2. That is a long time without rain for Brissie this time of year. Of course up here, in Bronwsville, that's nothing unusual. I'm off down your way very soon for the semester break so it will be interesting flying in and seeing just how dry it's been.

    Love, love your different varieties of Osteospermums. The Azaleas are beautiful too, especially the white with pink dots and stripes. That's so pretty.

  3. We were told we were going to have a drought this Summer and hose pipe bans and water restrictions were put in place. The next day it started to rain and didn't stop for weeks! So maybe you're in for a downpour soon. Those flowers do look beautiful though despite the lack of rain. You've obviously done a sterling job of watering them.

  4. Diane, is this your dry season. Your flowers look beautiful, they are doing well with all your care. Beautiful images, have a happy weekend!

  5. Some lovely macro shots here Diane ... pity about your water restrictions it really does make gardening difficult.

  6. so beautiful, i love the yellow, pink and white daisy types best.

  7. The flowers are very pretty and colorful and I especially like that white azalea with the touches of pink on the petals. Hope you get some rain soon for the sake of your garden.

    Here, as you've probably heard from your family in Hollywood, we are having 100 degree weather this weekend.

  8. Water restrictions, yet the Brisbane dams are still well over 80% plus full. September is a dry month so we can't expect much help until the summer storm season I suppose.
    Anyhow your garden looks pretty good.
    The grass on the footpaths still hasn't gone brownish, there would be heaps of moisture after all that rain in June/July still in the ground. Still rain would be great just to settle the damn dust.
    Your Azaleas sure are very pretty.
    The Austrian lady just around the corner from me, who is the most avid gardener I have ever met, has a big white azalea bush, it looks like a vanila ice cream on her front lawn.
    Her camillias are not so good, I think they are now too old. I think she is starting to agree with me - ha ha!
    Colin (HB)

  9. Gorgeous photos. We do not get any rain here in Northern California for about six months at a time.

    Fortunately, we do not have water restrictions, but they do charge us an arm and a leg for what we use.

  10. oh no! hope it rains soon!

    wonderful photos, i love all of them.

    have a great weekend!

    big hugs.

  11. Love the daisies!
    I can remember water restrictions a few years ago in Virginia. You hate to see your hard work go to waste. Hope it doesn't come to that.
    That last shot is lovely!

  12. My flowers were drowned with all that rain ! I had never had such miserable flowers as this year. Yours look still beautiful even if they suffered from dryness ! Can't we mix the weather ?

  13. The first place I ever noticed azaleas was in Brisbane. They do turn on a lovely display.

    I took a nice photo of one of a daisy like that in my garden this weekend. The azaleas are only just beginning to show.

    It has been dry around here to but a storm last night ... I guess you will have more than your share of storms soon.

  14. How lovely to be welcomed home by all those pretty flowers.

  15. I think Sydney operates under water restrictions still, although I have no idea what they are and I do not think they are enforced, nor stuffed down our throats. We are equally dry, save a couple of storms this week, but that will not have generated much useful moisture. I am trying to rationalise my courtyard potage in preparation for the longed for move before the summer. I would like it to cost more to move ME than to move my garden!

  16. Beautiful flowers, mine are all dying off but not due to lack of water. I am almost envious you're coming into Spring, we're in Autumn and it's about to turn colder by the day. I'd love to winder in Australia, no can do this year though.

    I also love your header photo, very nice!

    I'll do a rain dance for you on this end, hopefully it'll reach you there! ;-)