Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


When we went to the Gold Coast a few weeks ago, we saw some interesting sights.

What is he photographing?
A rock painted like a frog
What the heck are these?
........made from plough prongs


  1. My goodness, wouldn't those plough prong birds be dangerous if you were not watching where you were walking!

  2. love the shore and the photographer blends right in with those beautiful rocks. i love rocks, but to me the green one ruins the view. not a fan of the shore birds either. we all know what they say about art and the eyes that see it. i like God's Art best of all, nature in the natural state. like that beautiful beach and driftwood

  3. Diane I never made it to the Gold Coast and I was wondering what was so special about it, from viewing your photos here I think that the shores of Adelaide are equally as beautiful, if not more so. Mind you when one experiences anything in life it seems to change the perspective.

    I love the ocean, the rocks, the sand, and I can't help but agree with Sandra, the painted rock ruins the scenery in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing the Gold Coast with us.


  4. Love the frog rock! Looks like a fun place to see artsy stuff.

  5. Hah - before I scrolled down, I'm thrilled to realize that I immediately thought, 'they look like birds to me.'

    I'll log off and celebrate with a glass of wine methinks!

  6. Hi Diane! It has been a long absence, but things have been a bit hard: father 95, mother almost 91 doing radiotherapy, wife broke right elbow and I’m consuming some much needed holidays to take care of all this...

    Birds, Kangoroos, it could be what your imagination puts in...

    As far as Blogtrotter Two is concerned, it seems nobody is interested in St. Kitts, so maybe I should try something else. Anyhow, enjoy and have a great week or better a vacation, if still available!!!

  7. The beach is lovely, the shorebird sculpture creative and I'm glad you showed us what that guy was taking a picture of. I thought he must be quite a lover of rocks!

  8. Funny, a green rock. Doesn't blend in with the nature scene however,


  9. that piece of driftwood will probably make it onto someone's coffee-table one day! The 'art' on display, I visited similar a couple years back on Bondi Beach, N.S.W. Always a lot of intruige and a nice day out in the fresh air and sunshine...

  10. Kermit, the Rock Frog!! Weird.
    Could only happen on the Gold Coast, I agree with "Ms Darlin", the beaches south of Adelaide, Robe for example, are far nicer.
    Less crowded but they do have one problem - Great White Sharks lurk in that area.
    I just cannot ever warm to the Gold Coast, going to visit my brother is a real chore for me.
    Is Bill, the photographer, thinking of painting some of your rocks green??
    You'll end up with a very strange garden - ha ha!
    As for the no doubt expensive plough prongs, the less said the better.
    Great photos.
    Colin (HB)

  11. Diane, I like the rock frog. It is cute. I could the tell the white things looked like birds. Maybe Egrets. Lovely scenes from your coastal trip.

  12. Don't really understand why anyone would paint a rock to look like a frog but what do I know!

  13. The driftwood on the shore is gorgeous ... I'm sure there would be a lot of Florists who woul like to get their hands on that.

  14. I do not have a guess as to what the photo is...but I do like the rocks etc

  15. Hi, Just wanted to drop by and say HELLO. It's been a busy week/month --and just gonna get busier.

    Somebody needs to feed those Shorebirds.. They look a little skinny to me... ha ha

    We love to get pictures of driftwood when we are on the beach/coast.... Neat!!!


  16. One person's idea of sculpture is not necessarily what the general public likes to see - especially against the background of such natural beauty as the ocean. Did the Gold Coast City Council pay or be paid to position these birds on the shore for the City's enjoyment. We have a similar situation here in town with three sculpted "rocks" being placed along the riverfront. Because the town applied for and received a grant apparently that makes the unnatural rocks acceptable. I would rather see driftwood and rocks that were created millions of years ago!

  17. You definitely saw some interesting sights at the coast, but I think I like the driftwood best.

  18. Give me the driftwood any day! Though the other sculptures made me laugh.

  19. LOVE the rock frog!
    I thought the 'shorebirds' looked like sprung paper clips. :)

  20. Great stuff. The creator of the birds seems to be Dutch. I've seen more artwork on blogs on australian beaches. Very nice

  21. I'd say it is people doing cartwheels ... recently banned in some NSW school ... how silly is the cotton woolling of kids?