Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Ever since I saw a documentary about the Napa Valley Wine Train I added it to my bucket list. Then I saw a post on Pat's blog, "Milli Fiori  Favoriti" of when she went on the wine train. (A much better post than mine). This made me want to do this trip even more. A few months ago when we were in USA we managed to do this great trip as part of a tour.
The Napa Valley Railroad is privately owned and started doing wine trips between Napa and St Helena in 1989 after hassles with locals about the environmental impact.
The engines used to belong to Canadian National Railway and they have been converted to run on natural gas. The nine cars were built in early 1900's by Pullman Co. They have been extensively refurbished by NVRR.
 Our group was lucky to get the last car with an outside observation deck. It is a lounge and bar car with swivel lounge chairs. There were four glasses of wine waiting for each person to taste. We had a sommelier tell us about the wines. Our tour guide gave us an information sheet about the wineries we were passing.

Bill throws away concern about getting Atrial Fibrillation and enjoys the wine and the nibblies.

Me too. A dream come true. The view from the windows was beautiful. 

 One vineyard after another surrounded by rolling green hills. It reminded us of the Hunter Valley in NSW.

 We went out on the back deck to take photos and film. The track runs along side the State Route 29.

 The train stops in a few places where you can get off for tasting and tours of wineries.

However, we stayed on board and went to the dining car for a gourmet meal. The round trip takes about 3 hours.


  1. Three hours is not long if the train stops for wine tasting. Looks like it would be a good night time trip too.

  2. i would love to ride this train, i love trains and this one is truly spectacular. i am wondering how long your bucket list might be.

  3. Train trips are so relaxing and this one looks wonderful. Glad to hear Pat's blog inspired you. She presents things in such an interesting way and makes me want to travel to so many places.

  4. That dinner looked scrumptious!!

  5. Diane,
    The LOC and I did the Napa Wine Train many years ago and it was a wonderful afternoon.

    I not only enjoyed the featured wines, but also the fruit and cheese combinations.
    Glad you got that one checked off your list. :)

  6. I like the concept of the train, great. However, I hate the way they serve the wine. How can you really taste the wine, the aroma and the flair if they use the wrong glases. Every type of wine should be served in its own shape and I am not commenting on the quality of the glasses yet, only the shape.


  7. Good like a great trip. No wonder forgot his Atrial Fibrillation, the joy of the train trip, the views, the food and the wine, I should imagine (TOH) was in some celestrial heaven!
    Colin (HB)

  8. Oops

    "Looks like a great trip" - still 1/2 asleep!

  9. Now you've got me wanting to make this train trip.

  10. Thank you for a glimpse of such a lovely place. I fear it may be the closest I will ever get to it.

  11. Wow---looks awesome... AND--besides the wine, you had dinner also.... That's super...

    I can only imagine how much Bill loved the train ride --since he's a train person like ME...


  12. After seeing all these great photos, I think we will have to put this on our bucket list too. What a great trip. I would love to take a train trip again. It's been years.

  13. What a wonderful trip. The food looks delicious and the wine must have been good too.
    I love these comfy swifel chairs on the train.
    We have a lot of wineries around here too and I went on a winetrail once as well.(with the bus though)

  14. Hi Diane
    This looks awesome. The food, the wine, the view and the journey... what a great adventure.

  15. That looks like a brilliant way to do Napa.

    Reminds you of the Hunter Valley. It's shameful of me to admit that I've never been there either. Yet.....

  16. Diane, this wine train trip sounds like fun. The dinner and wine sound delicious. Did you find a favorite wine that you really liked?

  17. Oh this sounds like so much fun! You both look like you're having a good time (and I'm glad the A-Fib didn't kick in).

  18. That trip is on my bucket list too. Looks like a very enjoyable, not to mention tasty, adventure.

  19. We have spent time down in Napa Valley but have never done the train. It looks like a nice ride through the wineries.

  20. Wow, impressive ride! Everything looks so elegant. I can see why you'd want to take this journey, I don't even drink and I'd love to go for the ride and nibbles!

  21. Good on you both - sounds like you both really enjoyed your train trip and gourmet meal... oh, and the wine too ;D)

  22. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Wine Train, Diane! IUt looks like you had a deluxe voyage on it witrh the extra wine tastings ;) I loved the views of the vineyards passing by the windows when we took this was a dream come true and I'm happy it was the same for you and Bill!