Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Friday, July 13, 2012


 Before we dashed off to Sydney for 2 weeks, I was telling you about our trip to California. We stayed in LA for 3 weeks to carry out grandparent duties. After that we visited my cousin in San Luis Obispo for a few days and then we flew to San Fransisco, where we were to join a tour of SFO, Sonoma and Napa Valley.

We arrived a few days before the tour started and we did some exploring on our own. We also met some friends from Brisbane and had dinner with them.

We stayed in Le Meridian Hotel, which was close to the bay and the Ferry Building, which has many niice eateries and food shops.

We could see the Bay Bridge from our room. After a rest we went for awalk down this road to the Ferry Building.

On the way we saw this interesting fountain and ......

 some funny sculptures.....
 I searched for info on this one but couldn't find any plaque, I liked it.

We walked through the Ferry Building (more on that later) and  feasted our eyes on the lovely scene. The bay bridge connects SFO with Oakland. It was built in 1936. It is a double decker road bridge with 5 lanes on each level. This is only half the span. It continues through the island and onto the other side of the bay.

We headed back to the hotel via the Embarcaldera Centre, which comprised of 4 blocks of buildings containing shops, banks, resaurants etc. similar to a mall.

We could walk all the way back to our hotel without going on the streets.

There were overpasses from one building to the next, where we watched the busy streets of San Francisco.
 We returned to our room and.......

watched the sunset. Later we walked to Union Square and met John and Denise from Brisbane for dinner. They were on their way to Vancouver. It was funny meeting friends for dinner on the other side of the world. 


  1. The other side of rhe world for you makes a great picture reportage for us.

  2. I have never set foot in the US but hope to later this year, as LC's 'trailing spouse' at a work conference. Not San Francisco, unfortunately, but one day ....

  3. It all looks very nice and different. I really like the last photo.

  4. I liked San Francisco, we had the best Chinese meal there in China town and I catched a terrible cold there. In mid July there were 14° C and I had to buy a cardigan !

  5. Thanks for taking us along on your walk in San Francisco. You captured some lovely scenes. I've never seen pictures of the sculptures you've shown. They're very fascinating.

  6. Diane these are beautiful pics. I looks like a nice place visit.

  7. Wonderful tour, Diane! Your photos are gorgeous! That fountain is fascinating indeed!

  8. I especially love that last picture, of the church spires rising up in front of the sunset hills. The egg heads were fun too. :-)

  9. What a great tour around San Francisco! Brought back a lot of neat memories. Beautiful photos Diane. Have a great weekend.

  10. I fantastic fountain, I didn't see it when I saw in San Francisco.


  11. Great photos of SFO. Certainly one of the easier major cities of the USA to get around in. That Cable Car certainly helps. I thoroughly enjoyed my two trips there. The food was the best I had in the USA. The weather was excellent.
    So all that certainly helped.
    Have fun tomorrow, hope it is a great sunny and clear day.
    Bill and I will take good care of the wine cellar - ha ha! Just make sure
    that you leave the keys, anyhow Bill does have a second hidden set.
    Colin (HB)

  12. I too enjoyed the tour. I love your view of the bridge, it is beautiful. It sounds like you really enjoyed your visit to San Francisco.

  13. Diane, I enjoyed your tour of San Francisco. It is a beautiful city and great for walking around. I love the sculptures and your shots of the bridge. My Sil use to live there so we have visited and enjoyed San Francisco very much. It is one of my favorite cities. Great post and lovely photos. Have a great weekend!

  14. That last photo is most interesting. It doesn't look American at all.

  15. Yes, Don&39 etc.
    I thought the same - might be a "fly in, fly out photo" that has escaped from
    a European trip????
    Colin (HB)

    1. I can assure you it is overlooking SFO from our room on Le Meridian Hotel's 15th floor in the late afternoon.

  16. I think the last photo looks very Italian lakes ...

  17. No Motorcycle only car..what a boring traffic

  18. Marvelous photos, Diane. You really are a fantastic photographer. The very first shot, looking through the buildings, is my favorite I think.