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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


When we were in San Francisco we visited The Ferry Building. It is situated at the foot of Market St and in 2003 it was renovated and turned into a people's market place. Large and small shops celebrate food in all its forms and restaurants and cafes serve a diverse cuisine.

Originally, it was designed byPage Brown and built in 1898 as a ferry terminal and train station before the bridges were built. The building is 660ft long and has a sandstone facade with a 245ft tall clock tower.

There is a two story, sky lit concorse running length wise through the middle of the building.

 Our tour group were taken on a delightful food tasting trip through the market place.  First stop was the chocolate shop.


 There were many shops and foods that we tried, condiments, meats, Vietnamese, cookies,.......
 breads and cheese. You can eat yourself silly in here.

 And if that isn't enough outside they have a Farmer's Market every Saturday. 
Hundreds of food stalls surrounding the Ferry Building. The fruit and vegetables in California are just the best! 


  1. Hopefully we will be visiting San Francisco next year so your post was particularly interesting. Now I have some ideas for what to see.

  2. Well at least Bill looks mightily interested - ha ha.
    Might be good to re-introduce those "walkies" to get the body back into
    Yep the Californian fruit is pretty good, but I am like Dick Smith, and here only buy the produced in Australia products which thankfully are now by law displayed. A case of support California when there, support our producers when here.
    Another very informative blog, Diane. You are getting better, if possible, all the time - well done.
    Colin (HB)

    1. Can't walk far due to sore legs from climbing the bridge and the rain.

  3. This looks like a very tasty visit indeed.

  4. Good to see. It rather breaks down our stereotypical view of the US.

  5. If you hadn't put in the last sentence I was going to say it for you! Absolutely. Wonderful pictures -- you look happy (as who wouldn't be sampling chocolate !)

  6. What a great place to visit. I will have to remember this the next time we are in San Francisco. Loved the photo of you enjoying your chocolate, and couldn't help but notice your glasses. I would love a pair like that. Thanks for visiting, you can come over for dinner anytime :)

  7. Aren't the SF Ferry Terminal shops wonderful? I've never been there for the farmers market but I heard it is fantastic! California has the best fresh produce as so may farms are located there.

    I'm curious as to what Andrew meant by his he think the US only eats junk food? ha!

  8. Fantastic photos, Diane! Everything looks so wonderful!

  9. I lkie these type of markets. Trying out fruit and snacks.


  10. I haven't seen this part of San Francisco, your pictures are very nice !

  11. Gee, I'm really glad that you had such a great time... but those photos are making me homesick for San Francisco... love your photos!

  12. Hi Diane, Great post---and I like what they have done to the Ferry Building. Like so many places like that, one can eat themselves silly there.... Me??? I'd love the Farmer's Market ---and all of those fresh veggies and fruits. We are still eating the navel oranges from CA... YUM...

  13. I think I would have just stayed in that chocolate shop and taste tested my way through their goodies.

  14. Hi Diane, the Ferry Building and market sounds like a tasty place to visit. I would like to eat myself silly thru the chocolate and cheeses. Have a great day.

  15. It looks like there is enough for everyone, nice you could taste some food and especialy the chocolate, mmm

  16. GREAT pictures, as always. I used to work just a few blocks from the Ferry Building, but it didn't look that nice back in those days. :)

  17. Definitely my type of tasty tour. Can see by the expression on your face, it's not too onerous for you Diane!