Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Western Australia (WA) is a huge state occupying a third of the continent covering 2,645,615  square km.  It only has 2.3 million inhabitants with 85% living in the south west corner. It has the richest economy in the country due to its diverse mining, wool, wheat and live sheep and cattle exports. It is also famous for its huge variety of wild flowers.

We took an APT (Aust. Pacific Tour Co.) "Wildflower Tour" as shown above. Previously we toured the northern part of the state, which was an amazing trip.

We flew to Perth from Brisbane (6hrs). The next day we headed east by coach towards Hyden.  The first rest stop was in the charming historic town of York. It boasts of being the first inland town to be settled in WA in 1871.

The town was full of beautiful old buildings.

First we had morning tea.

Then we checked out the lovely buildings. The old rustic sandstones had warm, earth colours.

The Imperial Hotel 1886

The Castle Hotel

The gardens were beautiful.

The parks were pretty.

Before leaving York we drove to a lookout where we could see the town and the plains rolling to the horizon with a carpet of yellow flowers in the foreground.


  1. Oh how appropriate - the township of York when HM and HRH arrive in Canberra - anyhow the place does look pretty and very, shall we say, Imperial. Certainly looks like a town with some civic pride and in pristine conditions.
    What "morning tea" - Bill must have been dying for a taste of that fine WA wine???
    Looking so much forward to your odyessy in WA - please ensure that plenty of flowers are shown, plus the dolphins of Monkey Mia.

  2. Yes, I am with Colin: plenty of the wildflowers. However, I like the buildings in this post. Did you find any Royals for Joan?

    That is quite a tour: out to Kalgoorlie then up to Monkey Mia.

  3. You have covered so much ground and so pretty with the flowers everywhere - Wonderful old buildings in York especially the Town Hall which is most impressive.
    Welcome back to blog-land! xx

  4. The old buildings are looking rather new. They must have been restored recently. The flowers are beautiful, looking forward to the following posts. Never been in the west part, I still intend to do some time.

  5. I really like all of the buildings, they are fantastic and the field of yellow flowers is beautiful.

  6. York looks absolutely fascinating. I love the Town Hall, but all of the buildings look warm and inviting. I trust we'll be seeing more gorgeous wildflowers in the days ahead.

  7. what a great post!
    thanks for taking me along on this beautiful pictorial tour!

    the buildings are fabulous as are all of your shots!

    simply wonderful!

    betty xx

  8. Beautiful place. Amazing Town Hall.

  9. You must have had a fabulous holiday! The photos you've shared are delightful to look at. Thanks for taking us along in your back pocket!

  10. Wow, the town hall look so beautiful. It seems you did an very big tour. I can't wait to see the next articles.


  11. Beautiful old buildings and lovely flowers. What more could you want!

  12. Beautiful paint jobs on the buildings, and the flowers gladden the eye and the heart.

  13. Wonderful trip, so pretty the flowers in the wild.
    I see by your map you didn't get inland to see the 'The Wreath Flower' amazing to see. Place is Nullewa, place the flower is, is called Pindar some distance from Mt. Magnet.
    Nullewa is about 100 k/s from Geralton.

    You photos are lovely :)

  14. The old stone buildings and ironwork are really something! What lovely carpets of flowers! This last picture almost looks like a painting.

  15. Julie, I didn't see a Royal Hotel here. I was keeping a lookout for them but didn't see many.

  16. Oh goodie I have been looking forward to this trip.

    I see Julie has asked my question for me. You answer implies you may have seen some in which case I look forward to receiving snaps for the collection.

  17. What a neat town, the colors of the buildings are lovely. I especialy love the town hall. The gardens are gorgeous. Gee, I wish it were spring or summer here. Another lovely place to visit, thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

  18. The flowers are lovely for sure -what's the weather like now? It looks to be amazing!

  19. Such a charming place. I love the architecture and the gardens are so pretty and colourful! Thank you for sharing a place I've never seen and am unlikely to ever to see in person. I LOVE your adventures!

  20. I remember visiting York many moons ago now. It was then and still is a truly beautiful township. I also remember those carpets of yellow flowers around that area. Fabulous photos. They bought back some lovely memories.