Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, October 20, 2011


After York, we continued our tour of WA towards Hyden and Wave Rock. We drove through beautiful farmlands of grain and sheep.
 Fields of Canola/Rape Seed.

 We stopped at Corrigan for lunch at the Hungry Dog Restaurant. This little outback country town has made a name for itself through the inhabitants' love of dogs. As you can see they have a dog cemetery. They also have a "Dog in a Ute" festival, where they try to break the world record for having the most utes with a dog, in a parade. ('Ute' is the name Aussies call an utility truck which is like a small 'pick up')

 After Corrigin, we drove on to Hyden, another small country township, which is famous for it's Wave Rock. It is a granite cliff shaped like a wave caused by weathering and water erosion, which has undercut the base and left a rounded overhang. Water from springs dissolve minerals adding to the colouring of the wave. Crystals from the rock were dated as being 2700 million years old.

Riding Wave Rock

 A group of us climbed to the top of the rock with a local guide. We could see farmlands and salty lakes.

 Then it was a steep climb down. Luckily the rock had a rough texture and we could easily walk without slipping.

Geraldton Wax
Then we did a short bush walk to Hippo's Yawn passing some lovely wild flowers.

Splendid White Spider Orchid (don't know the red one)
(NB: I am not an expert on names of flowers, the opposite in fact, however I am trying to identify the photos with a small book I bought on WA wild flowers. It is highly likely that I will get some wrong.)

Hippo's Yawn, a rock eroded to look like a hippo's open mouth.


  1. Love the shot of you riding the wave and isn't Hippo's Yawn a perfect name. Spider Orchids, how exciting. And canola ... oh these photos are such a joy.

  2. Hello Diane, welcome back home. I hope you had a great trip. the rock formations are neat, especially the wve and the hippo yawn. You look good riding the wave. The wildflowers are beautiful. What a great trip report. Now, I will go and read the one I missed. Have a great day!

  3. The rock wave formation is amazing.
    So surf like - put a white foam on the top ( no hope of snow there) and it would be a great breaker.
    Where is your board Diane???
    Your style is excellent, but do surfers really have the time to smile at a camera - ha ha!
    Great blog -well done mate.

  4. Those rocks are amazing, what nature can do is incredible. Great to watch you surfing.

  5. that wave rock is amazing and so is the hippo. i would really love the town with all the dogs since i love all things dog. really enjoyed this post. amazing things going on

  6. i was wowed to watch your surfing!
    really amazing, diane!

    those rocks are very impressive, and i really loved to see the dogs... i'm a dog person you know.

    thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures with us.

    have a great day!

  7. Wave Rock is just amazing, and I like your surfing style. Hippo Yawn is also interesting. I appreciate all you do to correctly identify your wildflowers.

  8. How cute this dog cimitary and how amazing this wave !!

  9. The wave rock is amazing, and the hippo rock is amusing! But I want to know about the parade. The most utes containing dogs, you said. What about the ute containing the most dogs? How many chihuahuas does it take to fill a ute? Are dogs riding with the driver counted? I'd love to see the parade.
    Love dogs? Me? How did you guess? Just ask my dog.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. It's very interesting isn't it! And as always beautiful photography, Mum. Xx

  11. I see you've been on another wonderful adventure!
    I LOVE that wave rock and the hippo is perfectly described.

    I have to catch up with you. I was away for a couple of weeks visiting grandchildren and then a few days back home I had a computer crash. Still trying to recover it all. So glad you dropped by so I could update my bloglist again. :)

  12. wow, fantastic photos the first shot is just amazing view, i like the wave rock too looks like your surfing hehe

    Have a nice weekend

  13. did you watch the game? I was supporting Aussie because the husband and son were supporting Wales.

    That rock surface, is fascinating.

  14. Being from Southern California, when I saw that wave rock, the first thing I thought is "someone ought to surf it" and then there you were doing just that! What a great photo!

    There are so many fascinating aspects to Australia. I'm enjoying taking the tour with you.

  15. wow, I didn't expect this rock wave would be so high.


  16. Great that you are home again and it's been super catching up on all your posts today. All your photos are great but those waving rocks are amazing, especially with people in them to show their size. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments and have a great weekend. I'll be popping in often to catch up on all the posts I have missed.

  17. You have some of the MOST amazing scenery ever! I love your pose non the wave rock and it really DOES look like a wave - thanks for the wild ride :-}

  18. Nice to see a dog cemetary (the last one I came across was in Edinburgh Castle). The wave rock is awesome. Happy Weekend Diane, Evelyn

  19. That wave rock is so awesome. Love how you photographed it.

  20. Wave Rock?! Hippo's Yawn!!!

    Australia NEVER FAILS to astound me. What a beautiful country.


  21. That sea of yellow, that is a canola field is really pretty! Wave rock sure is amazing. I'm enjoying the pictures you took of the pretty wildflowers too. Australia really is a beautiful place!

  22. Thanks once again for taking us to a part of the world we can only dream of see in g. the Hippo's yawn and the wave Rock are just amazing!

  23. Such eye-catching geology! Wave Rock, Hippo's Yawn...truly phenomenal! You were clearly having a wonderful time, Diane :)

  24. Wow! That's a new meaning for 'riding the wave'. Beautiful and interesting scenery.

  25. We were lucky enough to visit both Wave Rock and Hippo's Yawn many years ago when we did a trip around Oz with our boys. These are both fascinating structures. Loved the Geraldton Wax. It was such a pleasure to see it scattered throughout the countryside then. The Spider Orchid is fabulous.

  26. Still working my way through your trip posts - I've been on a little trip of my own!

    I thought the dog might be the fabled 'Red Dog', but this one looks just right for the Red Nomad OZ treatment!!

    Wave Rock is unbelievable! Can't wait to see it for real!!