Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Our tour bus left Hyden (WA) and continued travelling east towards the drier lands of the interior. At first we drove through beautiful green wheat fields but after many miles the vegetation changed into scrubby bushland dotted with colourful wild flowers. The passengers were getting excited as this is what they came to see.
We had a great tour guide and driver. They tried very hard to find places to stop on the side of the road where we could hop out and go wild taking photos of the wild flowers.

 I am not good at naming plants. I only have a limited text to help me and I have decided just to use the common names not the botanical names as I could easily be wrong. 
Flame Grevillea


Bacon and Eggs

Every now and then we passed a clump of trees with multiple trunks.


  1. What wonderful photos you have shared here and I love them thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Flowers and green in combination with a dessert landscape is always fantastic.


  3. You know names don't matter to me. My botanical knowledge is more than limited. For me a flower is beautiful or not ! and these are !

  4. It is fun trying to name the plants but very challenging because so many of them are similar. Isn't that flame grevillia beautiful.

    There will never be too many native plants for me to enjoy.

  5. I am not good at botanical names either, but that doesn't matter. I just look at them and like them or not.

  6. Always something in flower no matter where you travel in Australia...and I won't be concered about 'names' of plants either :)

  7. the flowers are really pretty, my favorite today is that last clump of trees, I have not seen those before and really like them a lot

  8. So many pretty wildflowers!!! I am really going to enjoy your pictures from this trip!

  9. Very enjoyable. Is that a proper road? It looks like sand.

  10. I've been out of touch so I didn't know you were away. Hope you had a fantastic time, lovely - really lovely photos Diane. x

  11. HB to the rescue!
    The last photo is mulga scrub, probably far denser further from the road side. Great for wild pigs and "mickey rogue bulls" to hide in. Certainly not the place to have a picnic in or close by.
    Great photos Diane.
    Colin (HB)

  12. What an absolutely fun time you must have had - especially mixing with others who love photography - I can imagine there would have been much comparing of notes. I'm not good at identifying plants but love looking at them!
    Your header is gorgeous Diane makes me want to dive right into that beautiful blue sea.xx

  13. Hi Diane, I agree with Gattina. It would be nice to knwo all the names but I am happy just to see them and admire their beauty. Your photos are wonderful and the flowers are pretty. Have a great weekend!

  14. I'd want to stay and take all kinds of pics. The bus driver probably would come to find he didn't want to get off. :)
    Lovely flowers and I like the unique clump of trees.

  15. Wow, another adventure :). Great pics Diane!

  16. Thank you for your kind and lovely words, in my blog. I must explain my sadness: My husband has a cancer. He had quimio/radio...and a curgery...but I think doctors want to perform a 2d curgery. We are so you can undesstand...
    We never had children. We are the 2 of us. Yesterfay my husband had to be away for a few hours...and I felt I could not live without him...see?
    I bealive in the Lord, I have Faith...but sometimes I feel so sad.

    Your words were very important to me...
    (sorry for my poor English...I undestand and I can talk but writing the words is a big problem.)


  17. These photos are amazing...
    are magical...

    Thank you for sharing

  18. quite inspiring captures!
    the flowers are so lovely.
    such beauty!

    thanks so much for sharing, diane.

    hope your weekend is goinf well.


  19. fave today is the first one.
    looks like a kind of hdr photo!


  20. I would love to sit beside you in this trip. Those plants are lovely. The purple flower looks like my potato flower, and once I was out in the fields, and saw them, and wonder if these are wild potatoes.

  21. Naming flowers is not half as much fun as enjoying them purely for their captivating beauty!

  22. I seriously don't think you have to know all about a plant to enjoy it! Your pictures are beautiful.

  23. We do have some absolutely beautiful wildflowers in this country. I'm afraid I'd be no good at naming most of them either, Di. I know the Bacon and Eggs flowers, but that is it. Up here in the north we don't have many gorgeous wildflowers growing in the region and it was delightful to see your photos.