Daisy Hill Forest, Qld, Australia

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"Hi there everyone, I'm Fox. Pleased to meet you all."

Our grandson, Fox, had his first flight from Sydney to Brisbane to visit us.

We were thrilled to see our daughter, Sonya and Bernie and grand baby again. 

Having a chat with mum.

A serious moment with dad.

A content time in Grossvati's loving hands.

A giggle with grandma.

Proud grandparents (he is thinking...come on enough with the posing, get the pram and take me for a walk.)

No baby bath in this house, so into the big tub. Mum and dad have to share the load.

One holds him up the other washes. He loves his bath time.


  1. Stop it! He cannot be this big already! Handsome and soooooo sweet..I just can't stand it - he is aMaZINg!! Growing sooo fast..

  2. OHHHHHH! That is all I can so. OHHHHH! He is so adorable.

  3. Oh, how he has grown, diane. He is adorable. Enjoy their visit.

  4. Such gorgeous pictures - and you all look besotted with him (not surprisingly). Lucky boy to be surrounded by so much love. He is growing so fast; you'll really notice the changes when you see him only intermittently. Have a wonderful time 'en famille'.

  5. Don't you just love him to pieces? Sooo cute! And how fast they grow. Tooo fast! I just heard yesterday ... through her blog ... that number 5 grandchild is coming in Feburary. All girls so far and this one also. Love it!!

  6. Oh My.... this post made me SMILE bigtime.... That baby is gorgeous.... Of course, the entire family is gorgeous!!!!

    Love the picture of Fox and Grandma the BEST--but I also like the one of you and Bill with Fox....

    I know you have had a wonderful week... I'm envious.. My grands are almost grown now (ages 12-16)... Yipes!!!!


  7. What an adorable post! I just know that you enjoyed every minute!

    I always say the best part of having children are the grand kids!


  8. Diane he is a beautiful baby and surrounded by love. No wonder he is so contented.
    We learned yesterday that Haydn is a granddad again. Cooper Jack arrived to son Andrew and Kelly.

  9. Terrific set of photos, Diane. He certainly has grown and his parents seem to be thriving with this new responsibility. He has such definite features and the makings of a gorgeous milk-belly!!

    Love your new glasses, too. I note you are both rugged up. We had a gorgeous day yesterday but I gather that it will not continue. Oh well, only a couple more weeks of winter. When do you both choof off to North America? I go to France on 18th September. Can't wait!!

  10. He surely does have such sweet "kissy cheeks"...chubby little babyness! The family pictures of mom and dad with him is beautiful photography!

  11. Sallie (FullTime-Life)August 5, 2010 at 11:22 AM

    Such a sweetie! I can imagine that at least a couple of these might be blown up and framed -- he's such a happy baby!

  12. Those are wonderful photos you will treasure. Thanks for sharing them. Fox is a beautiful baby!

  13. He's beautiful. Lovely set of photos.

  14. Oh ! that's so nice to see you all so happy ! Next year I hope I will be able to publish such pictures too ! What a nice visit !
    I bought a foldable bed already and saw a seat for the bath very practical, you blow it up put it in the bath tube and just lay the baby inside.

  15. That picture of him smiling up at you is sooo sweet!!!!

  16. Wonderful photos, I love the one of you and your hubby holding Mr Fox. He is adorable, Diane.

  17. very good genes, Fox, mum and dad, grand dad and grand ma, they are all beautiful people.

    Was he good flying up?

  18. A fantastic post Diane, those photos are great!!!

  19. Such wonderful photos of your happy time together! I loved the photo of you and Fox laughing!