Brisbane, QLD

Friday, August 6, 2010


At the beginning of the year I leant my little car, a Getz, to our eldest daughter and husband to go to Sydney and settle in there. They sent back the Getz on a truck. I was pleased to getz her back after she had done a good job taking care of Carol and David. The Getz is a good little workhorse.
This week our youngest daughter and family came from Sydney to visit us and other friends and relations. So Getz was on the job again. Sonya and Bernie organised a hiring company to come to our house a fit a baby capsule into the Getz so we could pick them up from the airport and so that they could borrow the Getz while here.
After their stay with us Bernie and Sonya drove north to The Sunshine Coast to stay a few nights with baby Fox's Uncle Steve and Aunty Nadine. From there they drove to the airport where we met them to pick up the Getz and say goodbye. It was a learning curve for the new parents to see if they could cope with baby on holidays.
At the airport Papa getz the baby out of the capsule in the Getz.

Baby getz put into the baby back pack which is a front pack at the moment.

Mum getz the baby, Papa getz the luggage and I getz the Getz back.

There was a mountain of luggage, pram, portacot, blankets, nappies etc. Fox had more luggage than mum and dad together.

But he was an angel. He was pulled out of the car, pushed into a back pack, pulled out again to go through the security check, put back in again  and out again to wait for the plane and he never complained once.

One last cuddle for grandma before he jets away to Melbourne to visit his paternal grandparents for a few days before flying back home to Sydney.

When we got home with the two cars the man soon arrived to getz the baby capsule out of the Getz.

It is a great service for travelling babies.

Then the Getz getz her shelf back in and she's happy to have been of service again. Now she can have a rest with the little old lady driving her to the shops.


  1. You have such an entertaining 'turn of phrase', Diane. Great to read about the visit and see the new pics. He is a little charmer.
    Hugs - Jan

  2. Getz must have a lot of room for your eldest daughter to pack her stuff and move to Sydney.

    You are a great mum to lend your car.

    Baby is so cute.

  3. Diane, Cockatoo Island is slowly being redeveloped into a tourist attraction with some new parks created, camping ground and accommodation. It's becoming a big venue for festivals, exhibitions and events.

  4. Nice to have a car which they can borrow to get around. Baby is sooooo cute.

  5. Hahaha ! yes I know travelling with a baby is like moving the content of a whole house ! That's why I prepare already little things so that they don't have to carry it along all the time. Isn't it funny that babies take the airplane now as I took the train ? I was 23 when I first took a plane and that was VERY early for a European !

  6. How did all of that fit in that car? Magic!

  7. What a great post and to see little Fox, how adorable, how precious! I've never heard of a company who comes out and fixes baby pods into cars, what a neat idea. Must have been great to have the family visit. Your grandson has won my heart.
    An English Girl Rambles

  8. Can you "getz" any luckier? Great kids - great babies, great hubby and great GERTZ!

  9. What a cute little red car! Looks like it handled it all!

  10. I love these little yarns you spin. There is a lot of luggage that goes with a baby. I can see why some people just stay home. Our little girl is too small as yet for the BabyBjorn. I think they have to be something like 3.6kgs. In early Sept they are going to Melbourne (for work) for a few days and that will be their trial. Then in October they have a cycling w/end in the Hunter Valley and a trip to Perth for an Aunt's 60th. They will be expert after than - or buggered. Or both.

  11. Boy, that little one sure getz around, doesn't he! Very cute post, and isn't just amazing how much "equipment" babies have these days!

  12. How great that you getz to loan your sweet little getz to getz the kids where they need to go. It is a lot of fun to play with that word. Fun post, great photos. We call them "car seats" over here in the states. Fox is beautiful!

  13. It must have been wonderful to see the family again and have a chance to cuddle baby Fox.

  14. Diane, your grandson Fox is so adorable! He is at a wonderful age and I'm glad you got to spend some time with him and his Mom & Dad. Isn't it amazing how much equipment a baby needs these days? It's a far cry from what out Mothers had when we were born. I think I slept in a dresser draw when my parents visited my grandparents when I was an infant

    Your Getz looks so versatile! I love it's cheery red color!

  15. Diane your grandson is just adorable....
    I`m yet to go through this with my car and the new baby...
    Brings back fond memories with my kids when they were babes...Oh and the sore back lugging them in and out of the

  16. It's too funny to remember how much *stuff* a baby generates! That little car really is quite the workhorse and adventurer. Cool that there is a guy who will come and put in the baby pod. Of course we didn't have baby car seats way back when our kids were little and I remember having a terrible time trying to figure out the grandkids' when they visited us.

  17. Diane, I had forgotten just how much paraphernalia is necessary with travelling with young babies. How things have changed.
    Fox sure is a cutie...

  18. The Getz seems to be a very versatile little car. I am amazed at how much space it has to be so small.

    Fox is absolutely adorable. The photos in this post and the one below are just precious.

  19. Saw your son-in-law in the audience and being interviewed on Dancing With The Stars last night. :)
    Sydney - City and Suburbs