Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


On our trip around Central Queensland last June, I was surprised to see how many varieties of coloured cows there were. Here's me a city slicker, thinking cows were brown or black and white. Well at Cania Gorge I got an education on cow colours.
Hey look, one has white ears and the other has black ears.

A red cow?? and a patchwork one.

Black knee caps and red shoes and his coat needs a wash.

This one forgot to rub her moisturiser in this morning.

I love this one with the love heart on her head.

"All the better to hear you with." or  "Ready for take off."


  1. Looks like you were up close and personal with them.... that is an interesting and entertaining topic... great photos.

  2. We have only red on the farm Diane while our neighbours all have black. They bring a better price through the yards.
    I like your pic with the heart [butterfly wings] on the head.

  3. LOL, you know I love this post, you do know about my cow fetish?

    And yes the neighbours did fix their washing machine.

  4. *chuckle*

    Oh gawd ... you ARE a city slicker. But you made me smile ...

  5. Love the moisterizer cow. LOL. Great photos.

  6. Hahaha ! that's a nice post ! Here in Belgium all cows are black and white and they are all so boring. I am always looking for only black or only white. Now when I come out of the tunnel I will see sheeps and sheeps and sheeps and that tells me that I am in the UK, lol !

  7. What wonderful pictures! I love all the different colors of these really handsome cows.
    Thank you for your kind words :)
    ☼ Sunny

  8. Not only are the cows beautiful!!!!the shots are sensational.

  9. Love all of your colorful cows, Diane---especially the 'heart' one.... Don't think our cows up here are quite as colorful... ha

    Hope you got some sunshine --and are feeling good now.... I've never heard of Gilbert's Syndrome --but it sounds like you can control it. Do you take Vit. D????

    That little Getz is pretty snazzy---and you and your kids are getting alot of great use out of it.... Fox just seems to take things in stride, doesn't he??? What a gorgeous baby...

    When do you all leave on your big trip????

    Hugs to both you and Bill,

  10. :-) Oh my, they come in as many colors as cats do!!

  11. Love those cows! I've never seen a calico cow - great name for the dairy, huh?

  12. Love the grains sticking out of the mouth of the next to last one. Super pictures...and I'm a city girl, too, but love cows!

  13. None of those look quite like the ones we see driving around this country.... I love the one with the heart~!

  14. Great captions for those shots.

  15. I'm wondering what breed they are ... perhaps a cross breed hence all the variety of colours.

    I like cows eyes but generally keep away from them, coz they are too big for my liking.

  16. Yes joan they are a Brahman cross breed. Could be Drought Master

  17. Joan & Diane

    They are crossbred cows - Brahman with either Herefords, Australian Shorthorns and Brangus ( a cross between Aberdeen Angus and Brahmans). Herefords are crossed with the Brahmans, I am not real sure of the spelling - Bradfords (?). All beef producing stock.
    Droughtmasters are plain brown in colour ( mostly), when crossed again with this breed. You can start licking your lips - great steaks. Thus the cows shown are what could be termed "cosmopolitan" as shown.
    Just think of the steaks/roasts that will be forthcoming from the offspring!
    Colin (HB)

  18. I never realised cows could have such different expressions. The second last cow is so very cute. As is the last one.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  19. I've seen plenty of cows but your Australian cows are really different!

  20. Goodness, they are a colorful lot. I love the heart shape on that next to last one.