Brisbane, QLD

Monday, February 16, 2009


What a fabulous day we had yesterday! What wonderful girls we have! Carol is visiting us from London and Sonya lives in Sydney. As Carol is leaving today she asked Bill and me to go to lunch with her yesterday to celebrate Bill's birthday, which is next week but she won't be here then. She asked us to meet her in town at the Watt Restaurant at The Power House Arts Complex in New Farm. She was dropping off husband David at his parents place for a farewell lunch with his family. We arrived at the restaurant before Carol and asked about a table booked for us, they said yes there was a table for four. That's funny there is only three of us and we sat wondering why Carol had booked for 4. Then suddenly Carol appeared with her sister Sonya in tow. What a grand surprise to see Sonya here from Sydney too. Carol and Sonya had cooked up this surprise for Bill's birthday and to say goodbye to Carol. Sonya had flown from Sydney just to have lunch with us and then she had to fly back the same day for an early start at work today. Can you believe that??

A surprise visit to Brisbane from Sydney by Sonya for her Dad's birthday.

Carol and Sonya cooked up the idea.

It was so exciting to have the four of us together for lunch, this doesn't happen very often. Tomorrow Sonya will be back in Sydney and Carol will be on her way back to London.

We had mushrooms for the entree......

...I had lamb...

...Bill had eye fillet...

.......Carol had Barramundi fish .....

....Sonya had Rissotto...

Chocolate bread and butter pudding.....

...Cheese and crackers all washed down with Rose wine. What a great lunch and with BOTH our girls.

Sonya didn't need to be at the airport until 6:00 so we went for a walk to New Farm Village and had a coffee then we walked back to the restaurant and bar but ....... was too crowded with the local yuppies so we went to the park next door.....
....and enjoyed the view of the Brisbane River.

Sonya and Carol, our beautiful, thoughtful daughters. We miss you already. Carol took Sonya to the airport and said their goodbyes for another long time. Carol stayed with us last night but this morning.........
....she packed and we took her to the airport where we met David, who had come from his parents' place and they had a coffee at the airport with us where we tried hard to be happy and say goodbye for another long time. They would be flying now and close to Singapore, where they will stay overnight and then fly on to London tomorrow.


  1. You DO have very thoughtful (and beautiful) daughters Diane. Sad to see them go but they have left you with some lovely memories - and left us salivating over some great meals.......

  2. Diane, you must be so proud of your beautiful daughters.
    What a wonderful surprise for Bill!
    I guess it is with a sad heart that you said your good-byes for the time being and look forward to your next meeting

  3. your girls are gorgeous and so is that lunch just quietly. yumo. what a lovely surprise for you. Fran

  4. What a blessing, Diane! You have a very beautiful, thoughtful family.:)

    God Bless,

  5. A lovely surprise, and "yes" thoughtful daughters.

  6. You know Diane, this does not surprise me at all. I can see what wonderful loving parents you both are, and I would expect nothing more than these two beautiful and thoughtful daughters.

    How wonderful for them to always think of you this way though. You are so blessed.

  7. What a lovely surprise for you both! You DO have beautiful and thoughtful daughters. As a mother who has sent her own daughtes off (but not as far away as Carol), I know how hard it is to remain "happy" while saying good bye.

  8. You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family Diane...
    Lunch as always looks delicious....

  9. What a great reunion for you all. Neat family you've got. And I was some of that bread and butter pudding. Or whatever it was that looked yummy.

  10. Oh yum I cant decide what to eat.....maybe a mouthful of everything.....

    What a lovely surprise - like my love letter was - however things have gone back to normal now - maybe valentines day should be everyday - or in your case - good surprises should come every day!!!

    I better start drumming into my kids the joys of 'good' surprises.....

  11. What beautiful girls! You are both lucky parents.

    And Diane, I was all resolved NOT to have a big meal tonight, but now my mouth is watering. BAD Diane!

    We did have Barra last night, but it's never the same as you get in a restaurant. Your meals looked like art on a plate!

  12. What a nice surprise! I love it when we manage to get both my sisters and brother all together! Lunch looks like it was yummy too!

  13. Diane

    Today you are the "Guest friend" in TODAY'S FLOWERS.
    We are waiting your post about flowers!


  14. Oh wow, that is such a lovely post and you do have thoughtful daughters, which let's face it says a whole lot about her parents. I leave feeling pretty darned good at reading this, very uplifting, thanks.

  15. Ah, don't you just have the best girls ever!

    That is so sweet, I'm sure you guys had fun and the food looks divine.