Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Friday, February 13, 2009


Our children have returned from their beach holiday and are going back to London next Monday. They will look a bit suntanned compared to their colleagues suffering the snowy winter. They offered to take us out to dinner to say thank you for having them and lending them my car.
Like us they are foodies too. We enjoy trying different restaurants and food. This time we went to Toni's Italian Restaurant and the food was delicious.

Bill had Tournedour Rossinni.

David had Chicken a la I can't remember

Carol had Barramundi Fish

I had Veal Mascaponi


  1. Oh dear I am to the frig and the frozen dinner....

    I can imagine a little sadness when your family departs for England....Each time I view the food delights on your site I know I must try .....

  2. Saying good bye is always the hardest part - do you get to see them often?

    The food looks delicious - I describe hubby and I as "recreational eaters" - we call it our hobby - actually, I call it my doom ;-)

  3. The food does look delicious Diane...It will be hard for you and hubby to say goodbye....Do you think they will come home to live soon???