Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, February 5, 2009

SUNSHINE COAST Day 2 Continued

Day 2: In the afternoon.

After our lunch and stroll through Noosa we drove back to Castaway Cove (10 mins away). We had a rest.

I chose the upstairs balcony.......

...... with the best view.......

...outside the main bedroom (yes teddies come on holidays too).....

... BB chose the middle floor living area for a rest. We had our own suite down stairs. It is a beautiful house. Carol and David remembered it from when we took them there years ago, so they booked it from London and paid for it. So we had a free holiday this time. I think its called "Payback Time." What a good idea.

Afternoon walk time and time to contemplate.......

...the peaceful beach and....

...the mesmerising waves.

Day 3: Visit to FROMART Swiss Cheese factory.
We had read about a Swiss guy who made Swiss style cheeses. BB ,being Swiss, and loves cheese rang the guy and made arrangements for us to visit his factory. Carol and David also cheese lovers were keen to come. It was a half hour drive to a little village called Eudlo, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.
We had to have caps on and wear gum boots and wade through disinfectant. Christian gave us an interesting talk about how he makes the different cheeses and proudly showed us the Maturation Room

yum, yum

Carol and David in cheese heaven looking a bit silly.

Needless to say we brought home some wares. If you like cheese I recommend you buy some from FROMART CHEESE on line here
...and for lunch can you guess?...

...jam and cheese sangers.

Then the last walk on the beach before heading home the next day. As you can see I had a good time.


  1. Great spot.....I love Rosella Jam with my cheese sangers.....

  2. Man you guys eat fantastic meals!

    If I ever decide to go on a "Eat-your-way-around Australia/Europe/Asia Quest", I am definately consulting you first!

    Haven't been to Noosa, although I'd love to soon. Did you get some time at Coolum?

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, Cheese.....

  3. Thanks for putting up the FROMART cheese pictures! Please ad so I get a bit of advertising....

    Was a pleasure showing you around.

    kind regards

    Christian, cheesemaker @ FROMART

  4. That looks like a great holiday Diane. My sister and family lived in Coolum for years, it's a lovely part of the coast though pretty busy these days. They've now moved inland to a little place near Kingaroy. Good for growing vegies (and peanuts and pumpkins) I hear.

  5. Diane, your blog is such an education for me. I know exactly where to come for information when it is holiday time..

    All looks fabulous and makes me feel like it is time for a holiday in QLD.

  6. Come in winter. 60 percent of Qld is under water at the moment.

  7. I WANNNNNNA be there. Especially at the cheese factory. LOVE cheese. Looks so fun and restful by the beach. I gotta do another roadtrip. Hmmmm...

  8. I love cheese...We go through probably a kilo and a half every week....But I can honestly say I have never tried jam and cheese together...Interesting choice of

  9. G'day,
    I like cheese, it would be good to do a tour of a factory and taste some different cheeses.
    I like cheese and promite (or vegemite) together on a sanga.
    Be good if they could pipe the water from QLD down to Vic & SA.

  10. Very nice photos.... and i love cheese very much. Thanks for your cheese photography. I never saw it before how they maintaining it.
    Noosa Accommodation

  11. I'm going to make sure Hilmar reads this post, he adores cheese, any kind of cheese, in fact Hilmar is some town in the US that apparnetly has some fantastic cheese factory.

    Thanks for sharing.