Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Outback Birthday Bear Misses the Show

It was Bill's birthday yesterday and his choice of venue for our birthday group was the Australian Outback Spectacular show and dinner. Unfortunately Birthday Bear wasn't allowed to come, he had to wait to join us when we had supper at our place after the show. For those who are not familiar with our birthday group, it started as a way to keep in touch with retired friends and spouses from the staff of Kuraby State School. Instead of giving presents each birthday we pass a bear around, but each time it must be dressed differently to reflect the interests of the recipient.

We arrived early to pick up tickets and then all visitors were corralled in a hall and entertained with bush songs while we waited for the doors to open. There were photos, drinks and memorabilia on sale.
We opted for a silly photo. Everyone is given a stockman's hat with either a red or yellow band to indicate which side of the arena to sit, and which station (ranch) we belonged to.

Bill and me with George waiting for the show to start in front of the horse stables. The horses were magnificent animals and so well cared for. No photography allowed in the show.
The show and meal was very good. We witnessed a multitude of riding skills, an incite into station life and the early pioneers. We listened to bush ballads watched sheepdog mustering and wild colt breaking. We cheered for our station/team in the pig races, camel races, and desert boat races. We saw Honda Quads verse horses in a time trial around an obstacle course and many more wonderful acts. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely. Then we all came home to find ..........

...that Ann had dressed Birthday Bear as a stockman on his horse for Bill. I had a senior moment and forgot to use a flash so pics not so good.

Bear on his horse, which has it's head in the chaff bag. (or is it a web brush?)

Bill had a happy birthday.

Bear has his shotgun at the ready. He looks smart in his jeans and checked shirt. Ann and George did a great job.

Bill cooked his own birthday apricot pie, isn't he a "bonza bloke?"

Paul, Bill, George, Mary, Helen and Ann. We miss Chris and Bob who are working their way around Australia actually they could be swimming around at the moment as they are in the flooded area of Queensland. Kathy couldn't make it tonight either.


  1. Diane, there is immense talent in your family and your BB group. Bear always looks as if he is ready for the occasion. Bill cooking his own apricot pie is a bonus.
    Glad to hear Bill enjoyed his birthday as I am sure you did also

  2. That looked like fun. Poor bear though, maybe you could have smuggled him in under your hat. Got to love a bloke who makes his own birthday treat!

  3. Happy Birthday...great party I enjoyed it...I"ll say bonza bloke and can cook........

  4. That reminds me - I was going to get that recipe - it sounded delicious.

    Boy that bear never gets boring does he - definately outdoing himself with his long legs...

  5. Wonderful party. What a great tradition with the bears - dressing him up and giving him each year! How fun....Tell him Happy Birthday from Utah!

  6. Happy Birthday Bill....
    Birthday Bear didn`t get his nose out of joint I hope....Discrimination I say, poor
    Looks like another great party and your man, what a champ making his own cake....

  7. How much fun this sounds like. I think the bear idea is adorable also. I can hardly wait to tell my mother-in-law about this. They have a group that gets together like this. She will love that bear idea.

  8. That bear needs his own web site/blog!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BILL!!!! 21 again? What a guy preparing his own repast...he needs cloning!

  9. G'day from Melbourne. Really enjoyed your two shots on Luiz's Today's Flowers.

  10. Diane: Interesting birthday post. I enjoyed your photos on Today's Flowers.

  11. Seeing your flowers, I thought:" This must be an Australian lady", and right I was. Lovely way to celebrate a birthday! Happy birthday to Bill.

  12. What a unique way to keep in touch with your friends. Happy Birthday Bill. Love your Birthday Bear. Enjoyed all these great photos.

  13. Diane,

    Today is your turn as "Guest Friend" in TODY'S FLOWERS.
    Until now you didn't post flowers for TODAY'S FLOWERS!
    I think you forgot it!
    If it's possible post now!


  14. Oh wow, birthday bear looks part hero cowboy, part bushranger (with that gun!) what a super duper bear. I have a crush. Birthday bear when boy or girl, is my sweetheart. xxx kisses for B-Bear. And kisses for the person who first thought of bear, they are my type of person! Was it you Diane?
    Thanks for sharing all the adventures, xxx Starry

  15. I just love how inventive you guys all are with this bear.