Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, November 30, 2023


 I could have called this post 'A Tale of Woes'. I have been battling sciatica for a few months now. I've had X-rays, Cortisone injection, physio therapy, pain killers, heat packs and a bunch of exercises. But it still persists. As regular readers know , I regularly walked in the forest or Exilis Park with my walking buddies on weekdays for an hour. We walked about 4k . I tried to keep this up, even though I was in pain at the start of the walk it would wear off after 10 minutes but when I got home the pain would come back with a vengeance while I prepared breakfast.

Alas my phiso said I was walking too far and too fast?? So he says I should only do short walks and slowly. So sadly I have to leave my buddies and do shorter walks. I still go into the forest which calms me down and makes me feel happy but I miss my mates. 

I walk past our neighbours property and into the forest.

Along the new path made for disabled people.

After 10 mins I come to an intersection and look longingly up the trail going further into the forest wishing I could still go there.

But I turn around and start back past where new plantings have been done on the side of the new path.

Soon I see our village peeping through the trees and after 20 mins I am home. And the Physio was right the pain is not so severe when I get home.

It is car check day at the workshop in the village, where volunteer residents who used to be mechanics check our cars for air, water and oil. They also give them a vacuum. All free. Life isn't so bad.

We have advertising signage on our car because we get offered $1000.00 taken off our annual fees.


  1. So sorry to hear about that, it must be frustrating to have "your wings clipped" in that way. I hope you get some relief soon.

  2. Hello Diane,
    I am sorry to hear about your pain, missing your walks with your friends. It is god you can still go out for the shorter walks, love the views of the forest. It is nice of the volunteers to check and clean the cars. Take care, have a great day!

  3. Glad to read you are stil going strong. Walking is a good exercise for old people like us. :)

  4. Walking has two important values:
    1. Health giving exercise, fresh air on the lungs and vitamin D from the sun; and
    2. Maintaining regular friendships.

    Only walking with friends achieves both goals, if you can organise it.

  5. You drive a Mazda. We had one for many years but now drive a Hyundai Tucson hybrid.

  6. the news of sciata was a bad start for sure and a real tale of woes. been there done the sciatia thing, and it is no fun at all. so glad you figured out to walk slower helps. i found as long as i move mine was better but standing or doing the slow type shopping, as in just looking makes it worse. great idea to have that work shop, something for them to do and helps all of you and great way to save 1000 a year. hope all goes well soon and you can get back to your normal walking

  7. Maybe you could walk further if you do so at a slow pace but I guess that means you still can't walk with friends.

  8. I do hope the shorter walks, improve the sciatica rapidly.
    Your village appears to be perfectly placed for walks in the forest. Is it Daisy Hill?
    What a bonus to have a village workshop.

  9. Oh gosh Diane, that's no good then having that pain so I do hope shorter walks do help.
    I'm sure you long to go with your walking friends and you say you do.
    Good idea to get your car checked for tyre pressure etc - once done by the man at the service station, all gone now!
    Take care.

  10. That is a tough kind of pain to endure...Hope things get better for you soon!!

  11. Hi Diane, I'm so sorry to hear you've been in such pain but happy to hear your physio's suggestion works. That signage deal is a good one and gives quite a saving. I wish they had that here. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. We must always listen to the PT's. Go short and soon enough you may be able to go long again. What a wonderful perk to have car check day at your village. Your vehicle looks super-clean. (I wouldn't want you to see ours...) Hope your pain gets better soon.

  13. I am sorry to hear about the sciatica. It is horrible to endure but I'm sure you will get in top of it eventually. Going short and slow you will be able to see even more detail, though you already see a lot of detail. I enjoyed your short walk.

  14. I was sorry to read that you've been experiencing so much pain, but encouraged that your physio's suggestion seems to work. At least you can enjoy short walks.
    Take good care.

    All the best Jan

  15. I'm so sorry that sciatica is causing you trouble. I hope everything works out soon so you can resume your regular walking schedule.

  16. Oh no, sciatica is the worst, so sorry Diane! I know how you must miss walking with your friends and hope one day you’ll be able to join them again. Your walk takes you through some beautiful spots. I’ve enjoyed these photos. I wish I could join you on these shorter walks. Loved the fact that you get money if you advertise on your car. How great is that about your volunteer residents checking things out? I’ve read your post to Gregg and he says to be sure to send you and Bill his best. We both hope you will get rid of this sciatica, that right around the corner you will be walking with your mates again.

  17. Sorry that you are having a painful time. I would also have signage on my car at that amount taken off. Cheers t'other Diane

  18. My goodness, I thought I had commented on your blog but oops..senior moment I guess. So sorry you have that awful pain but glad you seem to be working through it. what a lovely place to walk but I know you miss your walking mates for sure.
    Hoping as Christmas nears things will be better.
    Having that advertising on your car is a wonderful way to get $1000. off your annual fees. Seems like a win/win to me.
    Merry Christmas