Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, December 9, 2023


 Well its that time of the year when there are many Christmas or end of year parties. First we had a street party, then lunch with my Play group mum's from the 70's, then the village Christmas Party. I was supposed to go to the tennis ladies Christmas outing but I was in too much pain for a whole day's outing involving a lot of walking.

Bill enjoying a snack at the street party. The guy serving is also Bill and his wife is Diane just the same as us. They also own a red Mazda like us.

The village singers entertained us with Carols before the Residents' Christmas Dinner.

Our visiting Chefs serve the ham and pork.

Lois served the chicken and other resident volunteers served the salads and vegetables.

Ann at 83, the organiser of our dinners, serves the bread.

Elly is happy with her meal.

I was asked by friends to take a nice photo of Beryl and Rex because this will be Rex's last Christmas, he has a fatal illness and is not expected to live much longer even though he looks fine here.

We enjoyed the night too, but we couldn't join in the dancing. Me with sciatica and Bill who is wobbly.

It was a good night all organised by volunteer residents. Unfortunately, in the following days many came down with Covid. So far we have dodged the bullet and I hope it stays that way. We are up to the 8th wave of Covid and we have had our sixth jab.


  1. What lovely photos Diane, and a good times was had by all it seems.

  2. I've lost track of how many flu and covid jabs I've had in the last few years - but so far they seem to be working. I also can't count the number of parties you have in a year, you lucky people.

  3. Aww...bless Rex's heart! I'm so sorry....
    Love that you all enjoyed the party!!

  4. Hello,
    The party looks fun, good friends and food! I hope you continue to dodge that Covid bullet.
    Take care, have a great week!

  5. Love the food, drink, music, dancing, colours and especially the company.

  6. It is so nice to everyone enjoying themselves. No doubt many will have medical issues but that they can still be social is great.

    It's a nice photo of you two old lovers.

  7. So sorry you could not dance, i know how much you both enjoyed it. and I do remember the OTHER Bill and Diane. the portrait of your friends made tears come to my eyes. its beautiful and will be a treasure always for their family. also sorry the covid but hit the party and prayers you do not get it. one of my other blog friends, Ginny nearly died from covid 2 weeks ago, including hospital stay and now has it again. she has health issues that don't play well with the virus... stay safe and away from crowds.

  8. Happy parties, sorry you could not join in with the dancing but I a am sure you enjoyed it all. Take it easy, t'other Diane

  9. What a delightful party Diane, though my heart goes out to Beryl and Rex. I'm glad they can join in with the festivities. I also hope both your health issues will be lessened soon too. That darned Covid keeps rearing its nasty little head unfortunately. Here's wishing us all good health in 2024.

  10. How sad to know it's one's last Christmas. Covid is rearing its nastiness around here in the schools. Have a wonderful rest of the holiday celebrating. Are your going to have visiting daughters and families?

  11. You look great on the picture ! As if you would make publicity for how to get old and stay young ! I see that your residents are in much better shape then here, the Belgians really go in the last minute into a home. I think I am the youngest one ! Most of them are in wheelchairs. But when the brain is still working I prefer that then the opposite !

  12. Wow! I'm sorry so many got sick with Covid and I'm so sorry to hear about Rex. I'm glad to hear you and Bill didn't catch Covid and I hope it stays that way. I too have had my 6th booster and a flu shot and I've been sick with a cold ever since. It's really just an annoying scratchy throat bothering me now and it's very stubborn. I do always like to see your Christmas and other community dinners. I love how you and Bill have dressed for the occasion.

  13. I am not a party girl myself but I quite enjoy attending your parties via your blog.

  14. Looks like you have had a wonderful time of celebrations. Delicious food and fun entertainment.
    Sorry illness hit many but glad you have "dodged the bullet."

  15. A nice photograph of you and Bill, also a nice one of Beryl and Rex, although I was sorry to read about Rex.
    Covid is not going away is it! May you both keep dodging it.
    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  16. Always enjoy seeing the good times at your get togethers, Diane, although this one contained the sad update on Rex. Still, he and Beryl did look very happy as did you and Bill. TOo bad about the recurrence of Covid and hope it will be short-lived and not affect you or Bill.

  17. Hi Diane,
    I thought I'd pay you a visit after you commented at my blog.
    I'd love to live somewhere my oil, water and air was checked for me. I just get the mechanic to do it and then cross my fingers!
    Enjoy the party season!

  18. The community spirit is very strong in your village. Just wonderful. I hope the sciatic doesn't spoil further Christmas plans.

  19. What a delicious array of food for your community's Christmas Celebration! I'm sorry top hear that you are suffering from Sciatica. My husband had a bout this fall and physical therapy helped him quite a bit.
    Covid, RSV and the flu are going around here---we've been vaccinated against all 3. We have not had covid as yet either-----knock wood!