Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, December 12, 2021


Every year the residents' Social Committee organise a Christmas Party for residents only. They hire a caterer and entertainment. We all had good fun. We were lucky to draw out a table number the same as our friends Robyn and Rob, Margaret and Sue.

Checking off names and choosing a table number out of the bag.

Our friends Caren and Eddie with Betty.

New residents, John and Linda are friends of Robyn and Rob.

Volunteer nannette makes cocktails in the bar

The oldies still have it.


  1. Glad you got to have a fun Christmas party. We were lucky that friends had to cancel their trip to the UK at the last minute and they came to us for Christmas day and stayed overnight. Our first visitors since COVID appeared on the scene!! Keep safe, t'other Diane

  2. so true, all these photos prove The Oldies Still Have It!

  3. That's great to make a Christmas party ! Of course the oldies still have it ! look at our idols of our youth, Elton John, or the wrinkled Stones ! It's amazing that they are becoming so old with the life they lead ! Even some Beatles are still there !