Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, December 23, 2021


 It is so good to have Carol and David visit for Christmas. Unfortunately Sonya, Bernie, Fox and Banjo couldn't come this year as they just moved into their new house and renovations are still in progress. David enjoys cooking and he is the cook in their family. He was happy to take over our kitchen and cook for us. He made some interesting dishes.

He doesn't plate up for us because he knows there are some high fibre foods that I cannot eat, like asparagus,  due to a bowel problem. Salmon with pasta, broccoli, zucchini, asparagus and onions.

With cheese, basil and chili to add.

Followed by apricot pie cooked by Bill and Carol.

Another day he cooked us salmon with roasted Cauliflower florets and leaves with pomegranate, walnuts and currants garnished with coriander.

We are so lucky to have him cook for us. All they ask for is to have the air conditioning turned onto freezing. After they have spent winter in Tasmania and Victoria they are not used to Queensland's tropical heat.
We finished of with banana bread cooked by Carol. Another delicious meal.


  1. Oh WOW, Diane, how super that David and Carol cooked these lovely dishes. I have just replaced my old saucepans with Master Chef cookware. I see David is using similar saucepans. xx