Brisbane, QLD

Friday, July 23, 2021


This month's dinner didn't have a theme. It was a Roast Dinner Night to keep us warm. We are having a very cold snap for Queensland weather. It was 3°C this morning.
When guests arrive we pick a number out of a box and that tells us which table we are sitting at. They mix up the single people and the couples.

The two ladies at the back organise the dinner nights.

But before sitting people mingle and visit the bar run by volunteer residents. 

Friends catch up. These two couples met in the village and they had been friends years ago when their children went to the same school.

Then it was time to be seated. Our Residents' Committee Chairman is the MC.

The main course was Roast Lamb with Homemade Minted Chutney or Roast Pork with Apple Chutney. Served with Roast Vegetables.

Then we had the most interesting Guest Speaker, Alan Burrell, Managing Director of Mercy Ships. Learning what this organisation of volunteers does was incredible.  They have a fleet of hospital ships, that visit poor nations and provide surgery and health care including dentists free of charge. Did you know that 93% of the world's population doesn't have access to a doctor.

The chef, Brian Pozzey at work feeding over 90 people.

Dessert was Baked Berry Cheesecake and Rocky Road on Fruit Coulis.

At our table we had very nice residents. Rhonda in red just recently lost her husband to cancer. The other two are Carol and Rob, retired pharmacists. They love cruising and are missing it due to Covd19.

As usual, the Rochedale High Catering Students served us and cleared away the dishes as well as helping in the kitchen. 


  1. You may wish you moved to such a place earlier in your lives, but this particular one wasn't around earlier. No matter. A great place to live with so many social opportunities.

  2. Hello,

    Your dinners always sound like a fun time. The food looks delicious and the speaker has an interesting job.
    It is great the Mercy ships have so many volunteers. Take care, have a happy weekend!

  3. I have noticed over the years that everything that you do as a group as always so very well organised and everyone does what they're supposed to do and everyone always looks like they're having so much fun. And it looks so odd to see so many people in one room no mask and everybody having a good time you are blessed to live where covid doesn't rule

  4. YOur chef does a remarkable job. That dessert looks especially yummy! You're lucky to live in a place where you can still gather safely and enjoy the company of others.

  5. So delightful. It's a wonderful way to get to know the people in your area, and your dinners always look so delicious.
    I am very familiar with Mercy Ships, knowing 3 people personally that have been Dentists and nurses on the ships for years. Its a wonderful charity that makes use of every penny for the good of mankind.
    Now that's cold, while we here in California are having 100F + days...I forget its the opposite where you are.

  6. I like the way you are seated giving an opportunity to meet new people each time. Looks a delicious meal

  7. Must say you all look very happy and enjoying yourselves.
    Do they have gravy for the roast meat, and mint sauce for the lamb, not jellied mint?

  8. Such an excellent way to pick the seating arrangement Diane, nice to spend time and conversation with different people each time .. yummy dinner again, those young students do a good job ☺️

  9. Sounds like you are still having fun and enjoying yourselves despite the COVID in Sydney. Nice set of photos. Keep safe t'other Diane

  10. I just replied to this, too late to start again, bed time. Keep safe t'other Diane

  11. That is a good way to sort out the seating, and it enables folks to mix.
    Food does look and sound delicious.

    All the best Jan

  12. One of my close friends was a doctor and used to work on Mercy ships. Nowadays he and his wife do a lot of fundraising for the charity.