Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


 After six months of dilly dallying, the workmen finally finished making a wider firebreak around the perimeter of the Daisy Hill Conservation Park and they have opened the walking tracks that were closed off while they were working. Part of that perimeter borders our village. So we have a new firebreak around our village. Yesterday my friend , Helen and I went to explore the firebreak now that the tracks are open again. Not all the tracks were closed, just the ones near our village and the perimeter of the forest.

We set off behind the village.

There were more hills than I expected. We walked parallel to the village border.
Trees that were cut down were mulched and spread on the side of the break.

Then we veered away from the village and skirted the neighbours property. It was a bit of a climb.

At the top I turned around and could see the village workshop and greenhouse.

We climbed up even higher. Then we could see the firebreak disappeared following the perimeter of the forest so we decided to find our way back on an old track.
I had walked this track some years ago and was sure it would get us back to the village via a different route. So that we actually made a circuit.  We hope that this fire break keeps us safe in summer and I hope the fires are not as bad as last year or as bad as in USA. We were lucky last year. There were no fires in our forest. We have had more rain this year than usual so hopefully the forest isn't too dry. 


  1. A job well done Diane.
    Hopefully it's not too windy if there is a fire. It looks a lovely area.

  2. I suppose the new track will naturalise in time. Listen to your chief fire official when he says either, 'We've had a wet winter and it will lead to lots of growth that will dry out and become an extreme fire hazard over summer' or 'We've had a dry winter with very dried out growth and this will lead to an extreme fire hazard over summer'. I think it's called having a bob each way.

  3. Fires must be on everyone's mind during the dry summer months. Hope the fire break is never tested.

  4. Hello,
    It is nice to have the forest nearby your home, but having the fire break there is a good thing.
    I hope you stay safe from the fires. The rain does help. Take care, have a happy day!

  5. it is really beautiful and a wonderful place to hike. so happy for you it is done and prayers there will be no need for it because there will be no fires.

  6. Hope the breaks do their job for you as well.
    That will be a nice walk and get some fresh air.

  7. Fire breaks are needed, good photos

  8. Hopefully the new fire break will not be needed to stop a fire, but it is good to have it. I'm glad you've gotten a fair amount of rain this season.

  9. Hope the fire breaks help. Yes fires and flooding becoming more common. Looks like you had a good walk. Great to live by the bush

  10. Excellent to see the powers that be are taking fire breaks more seriously Diane, when you think they could stop a disaster. That was quite a walk by the sound of it ✨

  11. I'm interested to read about and see your fire break. The state forest service is to begin a clear cut in the National Forest behind our house in the next couple of weeks. The trucks and equipment will enter the forest from a vacant lot right next to our house which will mean months of noise/dust. However, we're so happy if it finally gets done - we always worry about fire during summer/fall. I hate to lose all the trees, but the forest is unhealthy because of beetle kill and many are dead and dying.

  12. I hope that helps too, everything possible to help cut the risk is good.