Brisbane, QLD

Monday, July 26, 2021


 My story continued:

Bill volunteered for Radio 4EB the ethnic radio station in Brisbane on the weekends. He produced and presented the Swiss Radio program for many years until the digital revolution and the World Wide Web took over. He enjoyed his time there.

The girls were growing up and they were good friends, Carol-Ann took good care of her little sister.

On weekends we sometimes visited Mt Tamborine and go for bush walks in the National Park.
We went with friends Norm and Joan, who we used to know when we lived in Papua/New Guinea.

Because I hadn't got full time work yet, I was able to attend sports days at the girl's school. Carol- Ann dashing for the finish line in Tunnel Ball.

Sonya dashing to the finish line in Tunnel Ball.

In summer we spent a lot of time in the pool. Both the girls and daddy trying to balance on a float mat but it didn't last long.

Other times we visited old neighbours, who had moved to the Gold Coast and we swam in their pool. George and Laila are still friends today, unfortunately George is not well, with Parkinson's Disease.

We visited the photographers for a professional photo of our little family in 1980.

Then and now(ish)


  1. Hello,
    Great photos of you and your family. It is nice to see the then and now photos of your girls.
    Take care, have a great new week!

  2. Wonderful to see your family and having fun, all the photos are lovely.

  3. Great photos. One daughter looks like you and the other does not. Bill cuing a record! That must have been a long time ago.

  4. Wonderful photographs, life certainly was a lot simpler back then, although we probably didn't think so at the time 😉 The girls are gorgeous Diane, just like their mum ✨

  5. A lovely post. I especially like the family portrait. Good to see the comparison photos of your daughters. You have a beautiful family.

  6. Diane, nice to see these family photos and your girls, then and "now-ish" look to be happy and beautiful.

  7. i like each and every photo. especailly the one of the two of them when younger, 2nd from the top. I enjoyed your family memories

  8. So much fun can be seen in these photos

  9. Oh my, Diane, how I enjoy reading about your "My Story" The professional photos are a must for every family. Your girls were and still are beautiful. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Jo

  10. Andrew, the Radio 4EB studio photo was taken in 19981.

  11. I do so love your story posts! What a life you have.