Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


After twisting my ankle on a hike the previous day, I lay with it elevated and iced for the rest of the day except for hobbling up two flights of stairs to the dining room for dinner and socialising with the family. The next day Sonya and their family went out on the lake in their boat, which they had towed from Melbourne. Carol and David offered to take us sight seeing in the car since I couldn't walk very well.
First stop was Crackenback Ski resort. It was like a big park with a lake and buildings scattered around the lake like a village. In summer it is full of guests who like hiking and mountain bike riding. There was a new little family of ducks on the lake.

 Then we drove onto Thredbo, one of the oldest and biggest Ski Resorts in NSW. As we were driving I could see pockets of snow still dotted on the mountain tops. The temperature was 30° C/86°F.

It was New Year's Day and we were lucky to find a coffee shop open in Thredbo Village. The last time I was here it was covered in snow.

The gap in the trees is where the chair lift takes you to the top, from there you walk 6k to the top of Mt Kosciuszko or in winter ski down the many runs that are available. But no hiking for me anymore on this trip.

 We drove around the range to Perisher Valley and Charlotte's Pass. We were lucky to get a park close to the lookout at Charlotte's Pass so that I could hobble 30 metres to take some photos with my phone. Here we could see Mt Kosciusko, the biggest hump in the distance. It is our highest mountain at 2,228mm/7,310ft. As you can see we don't have towering alps in our country, which is the oldest geological country on earth. Our alps have been worn down from millions of years of weathering. However, in winter the area covered in snow is greater than the size of Switzerland.

 Carol looking after her hobbling mum.

 Charlottes Pass Ski Resort the lifts are behind me.

 Looking back from where we came

 David soaking up the beautiful scenery on the way back to Jindabyne.

Unfortunately in this beautiful National Park the Ribbon Gum trees are dying in their thousands. The National University researchers believe it is due to a weevil infestation and the climate becoming hotter and drier.
It is sad to see.

The next day the family walked to the summit of Kosciuszko while I nursed my painful, swollen multicoloured, foot. 


  1. Oh you are making me want to go visit there again sometime soon. There were lots and lots of those dying trees last time I passed that way ... a horrible sight. I didn't know what was the cause.

  2. It is nice to see what we missed whenwe went in that direction. We had heavy mist every day until the day we left then there was no time to look around. Sad about the weevil infection, gum trees are lovely. Take care of that ankle, t'other Diane

  3. A beautiful country. At least you got to see the sights from the car.

  4. I noticed all the photos show hills and valleys and lot of staris and steps. if you were here in Flordia it is all flat, there are no stairs and no hills.... it was a great vacation even if you did have an accident

  5. Hello, pretty views and scenes. I hope you are recovering well and taking care of your foot. It is sad to hear about the trees dying. Your photos are lovely. Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  6. What a beautiful part of the world. I can imagine it snow covered. Our lodgepoles are dying in high altitude forests in CO because of the pine beetle. Luckily, the beetle has passed by us, but it left thousands of dead trees in its path. You are brave to carry on sightseeing in your painful condition! (Of course, we tell ourselves it's nothing even when it hurts like blazes.)

  7. The scenery looks very special but how sad to see all those dead trees.

  8. Such beautiful photos the last time I was in the area it was winter and cold

  9. This looks like a Moment of Gandhi in mediation!
    "David soaking up the beautiful scenery on the way back to Jindabyne."

    By the way where is William of Tell - he can't be coffee drinking all the time
    or has he taken with gusto to "Chateau du Pape" or whatever that exquisite wine
    is called?

  10. Such wonderful views and blue skies... but sad to hear about the trees dying.

    All the best Jan

  11. Very sad about the trees. Just before that I was thinking how nice it is to have open scenery without trees for a change. I expect it is a very fragile environment and easily disturbed.

  12. Beautiful scenery, but very sad about the dying trees.

  13. Just been back to read last posts on your trip Diane. Loved your accommodation, perfect for a family holiday. Considering the pain you must have been in you did so well. Must admit I've never seen Thredbo without snow 😊

  14. You got to see some beautiful views from the mountains, even if you couldn't make the hike you wanted to make. Hopefully you can get back there in the future to make the hike. It's a shame about all the trees. We saw the same type of thing happening to trees in Yellowstone when we were there this past summer.

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