Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, August 6, 2015


The Birthday Bear group went to Bribie Island to celebrate my belated birthday. We stayed at a resort for three days. We were trying to escape the cold weather at home even though it is only 100k away. After a lazy breakfast we went for a stroll.
 Bill is not keen on walking on sand. 

 So we took the path that winds through the park along side the beach.

Party poopers.

 We arrived at a neat lookout where we could see:

 Blue, yellow and green stretching for miles to the south and ....

 to the north.
We returned to the unit for lunch. Ann had brought some home cooked Aberdeen Sausage, Mary and Helen provided the salad.

 In the afternoon, Mary and I walked along the sand in the other direction from this morning. I loved it. It is so relaxing and rejuvenating.

We looked back to take a shot of our resort. It is the only one on this beach. There are smaller apartment blocks and lots of houses for rent. It is a nice quiet place to come for a getaway.

We even saw some young men brave the water. They are probably from a colder climate. It is like summer weather for some but not me. I like it hot!

 After some time we left the sand and returned through the park. We saw Banksia Flowers and

 Willy Wagtail Birds.

 Soon we were back at the resort. This is the backside facing the street.

We watched sky divers land on the beach (photo by George)

We watched the sunset and 
the moon rise before going across the road to the hotel for dinner.

 Ann had dressed Birthday Bear. Bear was waiting at Los Angeles Airport to fly to Australia. She had a handkerchief to wipe away the tears as she waved goodbye to her LA angels. She had a photo of the family too. (Most readers probably know that I have recently been to LA to see my grandchildren). Those not familiar with our Birthday Bear Tradition read here.

 I consoled Bear and told her the angels are coming home for Christmas. She was happy about that.

After dinner I was full but the manager insisted of giving me a piece of Apple Pie for free for my birthday. The meal was only ordinary 'pub grub' but the company was great as always. We chose the wrong night to go there as the sign behind me says, "Onesie Disco" for kids. So it was like eating dinner on playground duty. There were many children running around in Onesies. Oh well it was a fun experience.


  1. That resort place certainly wasn't there on my last visit.
    The beach and the sea front looks exactly the same - that is good.
    I hope no-one nicked my beer on the bar behind you on one of the photos??

  2. Beautiful photos and your birthday bear was dressed on purpose ! Very creative ! How cute this piece of apple pie with a candle !

  3. Happy belated birthday Diane! Ann did a marvellous job with Birthday Bear! Looks like a lovely spot to celebrate with good company, even if that night wasn't the best atmosphere at the hotel. I didn't realise Bribie had lots of mountains too - beautiful. Love the banksia flower!

  4. Walking along the beach is very nice, before you know you have covered a distance. Your birthday bear looks very cute, especially when he looks at you as if you are really talking with each other!

  5. Hello Diane, the walk on the beach sounds wonderful. I like the hot weather too. I like your birthday bear, it is missing your LA Angels too. I am glad to hear they are coming for Christmas! The apple pie looks delicious, what a great getaway! Have a happy day!

  6. "I like it hot!" Yeah, I have heard. The island seems like an idyllic place. My partner has been there once but never described it as the beautiful place it seems to be. I am thinking it might be our destination for next year's winter for perhaps a few days.

  7. What a great place to spend a belated birthday. I'm with you - love strolling forever on a long sandy beach. Sigh! Keep warm!

  8. every time you post photos like this i think how similar Florida and Austrailia are... these could be taken here except for the banksia flower and the bird... so beautiful and i would like to walk that path and the beach..

  9. Happy Birthday Diane. It's lovel on the are good..

  10. What grand beach vistas - looking at your photos is like a get-away for me, too! I love the Birthday Bear tradition.

  11. Happy belated birthday, Diane. I love the Bear waiting at the airport! You certainly enjoy walking and we get to see the scenery. I've got to drag Grant out for a walk most times although now with the pup, he's always keen to take him on the golf course, two doors down from our house!

  12. In my opinion is the lovely resort.Happy Birthday! from

  13. I was happy to read that you could tell Birthday Bear that your LA family would be coming home for Christmas. You certainly had a gorgeous setting for your Birthday Bear celebration, although I'm not too sure about the 'onesie disco'!

  14. What a gorgeous spot to spend your birthday. The color of the sea alone would make my day! Happy birthday, Diane, and happy year ahead.

  15. Happy Birthday, Diane. Why did I think Birthday Bear is a boy? Very much the lady traveller bear this birthday. And far too many outfits to be a boy anyway! Glad you enjoyed Bribie.

  16. I know I have said this before, but what a lovely tradition you have with Birthday Bear. Loved her outfit and so happy to hear your family will be coming for Christmas. Bribe looks like a wonderful place and thank you for taking us on that lovely walk. Thanks for visiting. The beach photos were taken in VIrginia Beach. Gregg is still taking care of his Dad who is now at home. I had to tend to a few things up here like leaking pipes in the basement and a few other things that have decided to break down all at once. My job is to make the appropriate calls and wait for the repairmen.

  17. What a great place to celebrate a birthday! Birthday Bear certainly gets around!

  18. You find some beautiful places for your birthday celebrations. Very appropriately dressed bear. I just don't know how you all manage to think of these outfits for Birthday Bear.

  19. Birthday Bear looks so damn cute, I am also not a fan of walking on sand it sounds nice to walk along the beach with the water lapping at your feet but in fact it isn't the water if usually cold and the sand is hard to get off

  20. Belated birthday wishes , Diane, and how nice to getaway for a late celebration

  21. When I was a kid people talked about going to Bribie but we never went there … seemed like an exotic place to me. I could do with some warmth. When I went to work in the city last week I just about got blown away but freezing wind at the railway station. How exciting seeing the family again at Christmas … and Fox starting school soon … almost unbelievable.

  22. I love the beach in winter! Especially down here in the cold - you can get crowded places all to yourself!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: love that Moon shot.

  23. It does look so relaxing along the beach. Happy Birthday wishes to you Diane. Birthday Bear looks very smart too. Ann is so imaginative. Lots of fun and enjoyment :D)